Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Interesting Email from DFES!!

Yesterday I ranted about how the DFES/DCSF changed their story about seeking confirmation from CCAA about what 'new home study' means (update or whole thing redone). Last week they told me they were seeking confirmation, and yesterday they told me they were too busy to seek confirmation and denied ever having said that!!!! Then today they send me the following message - so obviously someone, somewhere is LYING. I hate being lied to, and this is so important, that it is ridiculous that such petty lies are being told about it. ARRGGHH!!!!!

I understand that you spoke with my colleague, recently about changing your application with the CCAA to ask referral of a special needs child. I acknowledge receipt of some paperwork which already confirms this request.

As my colleague informed you, we have now received some information from the China Centre of Adoption Affairs (CCAA) about the paperwork needed where prospective adopters request a change to a match to a child with special needs. In response to our enquiry we have been informed that: "Applicants should prepare a new home study report and write a new application letter, stating in detail why they have made such a change and how prepared they are and also a recommendation by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).“ The paperwork should be legalised and notarised.

The CCAA has asked us to stress to families that the change has been carefully considered and that prospective adopters are fully prepared to adopt a child with special needs and what kind of special needs child they are able to support.

We have been informed that the waiting time for a child with special needs is likely to be 3 to 6 months shorter than the normal wait.

We are currently seeking confirmation from the CCAA as to whether the home study report is a full new report (including updated references, guardian statement etc or whether an updated report is sufficient and also confirmation about CRB, medicals and additional fees.

Once we have received this information we will update the DCSF website but we will also get back in touch with you about this.

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Rosie said...

It looks like the CCAA have got very strict about SN change over.It must be because many people want to change to SN now.Though I got the impression that they wanted people to change to SN? It doesn't look like it! or maybe they are worried that too many people will want to change to SN.
This would put me it works.Though if its just a change to homestudy and not doing the whole thing again..then you could just grit your teeth and go for it.Its not easy but with a referral in 14!!! It might be the best option.Though I think you will have a referral in 2011 at the latest.


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