Friday, 27 February 2009

Little Prince is doing so well :-)

I have to speak to Little Prince's teacher at the end of each school day so that she can let me know how he has been. Tonight Little Prince was so proud of himself because he had earned a Headteacher's Certificate for "challenging himself with his writing" :-) Apparently he normally has someone to write his answers to the Mental Maths test each week, but he is now insisting on writing his answers himself. He also made a HUGE effort with a piece of written work for whcih he had earned a Headteacher's "Happy Note" earlier in the week :-) If you have been following my blog you'll know that Little Prince has been diagnosed with severe dyspraxia (it affects his fine motor control) and so these writing awards mean so so much. I was so proud of my little man and it brought tears to my eyes listening to his teacher tell me how well he was doing :-) She also said that his behaviour has improved dramatically, and she is very proud of him too. Some of his classmates were messing about in the toilets, and he just didn't get involved, which must have taken a LOT of effort on his part :-) We discussed the Speech Therapy report, of which she has a copy, and she said she would read it over the weekend and we'd discuss it at next weeks Parent's Evening. I mentioned that I didn't agree with most of the assessments and felt it didn't not accurately represent Little Prince, but that if it would be useful to school to get him extra resources and help then I'd be satisfied. The teacher laughed and said that he is making so much progress lately that she isn't sure if he will need further interventions!! Wow :-) And I can't remember if I've mentioned it already but Little Prince has also been moved up to the middle of the next level in his reading scheme, and is still managing to read his books easily :-)

After school we went to Little Prince's swimming lesson, he hasn't been for the last two weeks due to school holidays, so he was raring to go! Every other time I have stayed and watched the whole lesson, but today I had to rush to the Post Office to get an urgent letter posted. Me and the teacher impressed on Little Prince that he must behave and wasn't to use this as an excuse to get into mischief. I got back half way through the lesson and Little Prince was doing fantastically :-) Afterwards his teacher reported that he had worked extra hard and was doing extremely well and she was very proud of him :-)

I don't think the doorways are wide enough to get my head through now :-) I am so pleased and proud of him :-)


Kate said...

Go girly! Celebrate the good times and be proud with him! Nothing wrong with that but remember that with EMM on the horizon that he may hit another bumpy patch.
Smiling with you, with love,
K xxx

Lisa A said...

Oh my friend, I think the tough spot has broken loose in your life and the doors are wide open for lots of happiness and joy! So happy for you and Little Prince! Amazing!

Janet said...

Hi Kate,
We certainly do celebrate his achievements :-) He thrives on praise and loves people being proud of him :-) And don't worry we are very aware that when "another bossy sister" arrives that we'll hit a bumpy patch lol. But we'll work our way through it and things will be so much better afterwards :-)
Lots of love

Janet said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you it does look like we've worked our way through this tough spot :-) And the progress he is now making is fantastic, well worth all the hard work and aggravation of the past few months :-)
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Well done LP!!!


Janet said...

Hi WL,
Thank you :-) He's been a lot of hard work since Christmas, but now he has calmed down again he is just bounding ahead in all areas :-)
I'm bursting with pride in him :-)


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