Saturday, 14 March 2009

Appeal for Ideas!!

Does anyone out there have any ideas of activities etc that I can organise for Little Prince while I'm away in Ethiopia for the first trip? Since he was placed with us he hasn't spent more than a night/day without me, so a week seems impossibly long to him. And on top of that he has ADHD (can't concentrate for long periods and needs very active activities) and Dyspraxia (struggles with fine motor control, so finds colouring/writing etc very difficult).

I have had some very good ideas from Kate (thank you so much) but just wondered if anyone else had anything creative to suggest??

My brain is complete mush at the moment lol.


kristine said...

Last year Quinn 'made' his own small bedside table. It took a couple of days. Day one - we bought a small table that was unpainted. Went to paint store and he chose the color of the paint - red. Day two - he painted it - all him not me - took a couple of coats and had either a sloppy look or a country chic look - depending on your view. Day three I surprised him with a trip to a sticker store - he bought a bunch of sports stickers and we went home and he put the stickers all over the top of his red table. Then he put a clear coat of stuff over the stickers. Unbelievably the table looks really good! The red behind the stickers is great and it didn't matter which way the stickers went. He also was last year really not into small motor skill stuff but this involved a good size paint brush only. I helped him peel off the stickers. He loved this project, couldn't believe he could make his own furniture.

One year too we made an ABC book out of photos that he took. A for Ant on the street, b for break fast.

Good luck!

Rob,Dawn,Catherine and Iain said...

Penny and I have used stickers. I sent one a day to Elias for her when she was in China. I am pretty sure Elias liked going to the mailbox just to see if he had something addressed to hinm. Maybe a friend could mail things to him for you.Dawn

Janet said...

Hi Kristine,
That sounds like a very fun project, and no doubt messy enough to appeal to Little Prince!! I'm going to start getting "projects" ready for him this coming week, so I'm looking out for something he could paint :-) And he got a camera for Christmas so he might enjoy the ABC book idea too :-)
Thanks for the great ideas :-)

Janet said...

Hi Dawn,
That's another great idea :-) I've spoken to my Mum and she has agreed to be the Postman for this. She is going to spend the next week or so scouring round for little things to send him :-)
Thanks for the great suggestion :-)

Anonymous said...

If the weather is reasonable enough for it, The group of them could try building simple kites (I've seen ones made from old carrier bags like this) and trying to fly them.

For a couple of really simple designs.

Baby Bro

Anonymous said...

I love the ABC book idea. He can get help downloading the pictures and maybe making it into an ABC book for the new member of the family???

Love S

Janet said...

Hi Baby Bro,
Lovely to see you and A the other day :-) I've added the kite idea to the list, along with the links :-) If they manage to make one, I hope they have more success flying it than you two did lol.

Janet said...

Hi S,
That same thought had crossed my mind lol (making an ABC book for his new sister). Thank you :-)

Shawnstribe said...

Sorry, no ideas cause haven't even tried going away without XX, but i can't wait to see your photos!!!!!!!!!!

Janet said...

Hi Shawn,
Thank you :-)


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