Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Bye Bye W

On this day five years ago, I learnt of the sudden death of my best friend W. The week before we had been at the gym together, she thought the ache in her arm was from doing to many repititions on one of the machines. Unfortunately it wasn't it was a warning sign of the heart attack she was about to have. She seemed to recover fairly well and was making slow but steady progress. She was as crotchety, demanding and controlling as ever lol. My car broke down (the one I'd not long before bought from her daughter) and after the AA had fixed it I drove round to see her, for what turned out to be the last time. She seemed fine. I got a phone call the next day to say she had died in the night. She was so full of nervous energy and sheer determination to make things go her way, it seemed impossible that she was gone. She never got to meet or even hear about Little Prince, and I'm sure she would have loved him, even though he would have driven her mad lol. And now she won't ever know about our new little one either :-(

Its been a long time W but I still miss you.


Lis said...

I'm sorry for your loss--yes, even 5 years later--I'm sorry you lost such a dear friend. Those friendships never die in our heart and that's the beauty and sorrow of a true friend.She sounds like a wonderful woman Janet.

I say you do something today in memory of her. A cup of tea that was her favorite or a trip to the gym :)

2 more sleeps and you're off to see your daughter! How very exciting my dear friend.

Love, Lisa A

Anonymous said...

Pull yourself together you slack cow


Nah I don't do it so well as her!!!

*hugs* At least if you're remembering her it means she doesn't have to throw pigeons at you :P ....Unless she wants to acknowledge your thoughts :P


kristine said...

I'm sorry for your loss. It never goes away does it?

Can you go to the gym?

if not maybe you can walk around all day slightly crochety in her honor. She might like that.

Friendship is such a great blessing.


Maybe she does know little prince and your youngest? Who really is to say?

cabbage queen said...

I remember "granny W"...we met her the last time we visited you. She was definately a good friend to you and I'm sure she's looking down now, keeping track of all that is going on at your house right now.
The people we keep in our hearts are never far from us.
love you bunches,
cabbage queen, farm boy and computer geek

Janet said...

Thank you everyone. Its hard especially at this time of year. But perhaps she had a hand in making this time of year special from now on :-)


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