Friday, 20 March 2009

Reality bites!

Little Prince asked me to snuggle him to sleep in my bed tonight, and every night until I go to Ethiopia. He said this is so that he can store up all the snuggles for when I'm away. While I was lay there with him as his warm, wriggly body relaxed and he fell asleep, I started to cry. I need to store up his snuggles too. I have only ever been away from all the family at once for an extended time once before. I spent three weeks in China with good friends who were adopting. It was the trip of a lifetime and a fantastic experience, but I HATED being away from my family for that long. When I had managed to speak to them on the phone, I would have to go and lock myself in the bathroom for a good cry afterwards. And now I'm doing it again!! I think I've been deliberately avoiding even thinking about this until now. But I can't escape it any longer. It is going to be so so hard to be away from everyone, and I don't even get to see LMS before I go as she doesn't get back from University until the day after I've flown!!

I love all of you and will miss you all so much.
Lots of love Janet/Mummy


The Sharp Family said...

Janet, I know how you are feeling right now. I sobbed the entire day before we left. But, you MUST go and get your daughter. Your son knows how much you and your family love him but your daughter needs you more right now. My mom told me the day tha we left (as I was STILL in tears) that sometimes you have to leave one to go and get one. And that is so true. It will be hard and I am sure that you feel as though your heart will break in to pieces but chin up my friend. It will all be okay. And it's okay to cry too ;) That's what being a momma is all about :) XOXO

Janet said...

Hi P,
I have the funny feeling I'm heading towards a full day of crying too :-( I know I have to get through this so that we can adopt our little one, but I'm dreading how hard its going to be :-(
I remember how hard it was for you too, so thank you for the understanding and reassurances.

Kay Bratt said...

Good luck on your trip!

Janet said...

Hi Kay,
Thank you :-)

Anonymous said...

It'll be fine Mum :) We're going to be fine and you'll cope :)

Remember - it'll be fiiiine!!! :P


Janet said...

Thank you :-)
I know it will be fine, but it will be hard too :-(
Lots of love

kristine said...

It is the hardest thing to leave your little ones especially when they are the delightful age of 6! I sometimes travel for work for up to a week. Pulling away is so hard but there are always a few moments while I'm away that I realize I'm growing and so are they. In the end the time away is good.

Of course this is so so much better than traveling for business. This is your family - his sister - it's wonderful. Difficult, painful and beautiful. I hope the time goes quickly before you leave.

It's so soon!

Rosie said...

I'll be thinking about you,
safe journey,

Janet said...

Hi Kristine,
Thank you for the reassurances :-)
I know I'll be fine, I'll get on the plane have a good cry and then have to pull myself together and cope with it!! My Baby Sis is a lovely, level headed young lady and will help me through :-) And Mr Messy, LMS and Drama Teen will help Little Prince through it too. And then end result is going to be so so wonderful :-) I am so looking forward to the next trip when we ALL go and we can experience Ethiopia together and I can finally see all four of my children together :-) I'll keep focussing on that :-)

Janet said...

Hi Rosie,
You've been in my thoughts, I hope you are feeling a bit brighter :-)


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