Thursday, 28 May 2009

Poorly Little Prince (Wednesday 27th May)

I forgot to mention that we had no power for the majority of yesterday.  Its quite challenging for us as Westerners used to constant access to electricity to manage without it!


Today we were going to go out to Bilo's Pastry shop and then visit Shromayda weaving co-operative and shops, but as Little Prince isn't well we've decided to delay that until another day.  The orphanage still hasn't got in touch to say that our Court papers are ready, which is pretty disappointing as I'd hoped they would be ready today.  When the Guest House owner is back from her appointment we are going to see if we can sort out a cheap Ethiopian sim card for one of our mobiles, so that at least we can ring the orphanage and check on progress!  Its pretty frustrating sitting here at the Guest House not knowing what is going on or if the orphanage are waiting for us to get in touch with them!!  Although it is also very relaxing not having any housework or cooking to do, and all we have to do is keep ourselves amused and enjoy getting to know our delightful new daughter.


New baby has the softest jet black hair with lovely big curls, Drama Teen keeps calling her "Cloud" as baby's hair reminds her of a cloud round her head.  She is very very tiny for a three month old and all the clothes I've brought for her are too big!  Which could be a good thing considering how much 0-3 month sized clothes I bought lol.  Her nappy rash is improving and she doesn't scream every time we change her nappy now, which means that Mr Messy is now brave enough to help out with that job too!!  She must have spent a lot of time lay on her back dribbling or posseting at the orphanage, as under her chin and behind her ears is also quite red and sore.  We have also noticed that her lower eyelashes sometimes turn inward and rub on her eyeball, making her appear to cry a lot.  We will make an appointment to see our GP about this, and to schedule a full health check (based on the leaflet from BAAF).  I'm frustrated that the internet is so slow over here that I can't research the implications of having in turning eyelashes, I'm hoping that its something that she will grow out of and not something that will need any sort of medical/surgical interventions. 


Little Prince is coping quite well with his new position as a Big Brother.  He keeps saying how much he loves baby and how cute she is.  He also complains that she cries too much and that when she possets up some formula it makes him feel sick.  He is also not happy at all today about not being able to eat and wants Mummy not to eat too, so that we are the same!!  Mr Messy has said he will take Drama Teen out to eat for lunch, so that Little Prince doesn't have to watch them eating.  I'm hoping he will have a nap or something so I can grab a snack without him noticing!! 


Just before lunchtime we arranged to hire a pre-pay mobile phone from the Guest House.  As soon as we had sorted it out Mr Messy rang the orphanage to check if our Court Papers were ready for collection.  The orphanage director's assistant said they weren't ready, and that as tomorrow (Thursday) is a national holiday we would have to wait until Friday to go to Court to pick up the papers.  We were obviously very disappointed with this news, but not for long as the Assistant rang back and said that she would try to help us get the papers today, rather than wait until Friday.  I rang our driver and hoped I'd got the message across to him to come and collect Mr Messy at our Guest House and take him to the orphanage for 3pm.  As it got closer and closer to 3pm we began to think that the driver had misunderstood and gone straight to the orphanage.  But just after 3pm he turned up and he, Mr Messy and the Guest House guard loaded the huge boxes of clothes donations into his car and they drove off to the orphanage.  They were out for over two hours, and Little Prince grew increasingly whingy about missing his Daddy and not being able to eat.  He couldn't settle to anything and eventually came and cuddled on my knee for a rest while Drama Teen looked after baby. 


We were all up in our room when Mr Messy arrived back, I was putting away all the washing the Guest House had managed to wash and dry for us, which is a fabulous service as we could never have packed enough clothes for all of us for three weeks!!  Mr Messy started talking about that was MOWA conquered, which didn't make sense as he'd gone to Court.  However, he explained that he hadn't needed to go to Court (no idea why) and instead had gone straight to the MOWA offices, with our file (which she must have already collected from Court for us).  There our file was put at the bottom of a large pile of other files, so Assistant worked her socks off helping to sort out the other files - delivering them to different offices to be signed and helping move things along as much as she could.  Eventually after an hour long wait in a corridor Mr Messy was handed the papers (they had to be handed to him, not Assistant as they had our names on them) and took them down to Archive, where the papers were stamped and he signed various things.  Mr Messy's tip - Take A Pen!!  There didn't seem to be enough to go round!!  Mr Messy's tip 2 - Listen Carefully When the Official Brings Your Papers, as they can mispronounce Western names.  He said it was suprisingly painless and much less convoluted than he thought it was going to be.  Mr Messy's tip 3 - (unfortunately sexist sorry) it can work to your advantage sending the male partner as he seemed to be able to command more respect and get things done much more easily than we had heard was possible. 


For the rest of the evening we hung aruond the Guest House, baby was quite grumpy and would sleep soundly for a few minutes then wake up and shout and scream, then fall back to sleep and start the whole cycle all over again!!  I tried to get Little Prince in bed early, but as he had had a long nap during the day he couldn't get to sleep.  We ordered our meals in the Guest House again, Mr Messy said he didn't want anything but I made a mistake with the order and ordered too much so he ended up eating, which was a relief as I don't want another one ill!!!  Talking of which, just before dinner Drama Teen lay on the sofa saying she felt ill and her tummy hurt, but as she had hardly eaten anything all day we said she would feel better after dinner.  However, during dinner she suddenly jumped up from the table and marched off to the bathroom.  She has got Little Prince's bug now and has gone to bed very hot and clammy and with a sicky bowl just in case!  Baby is sleeping soundly on a chair in the lounge, me and Mr Messy are waiting for her to wake up for her next feed and then we can all get to bed.  Its been a LOOOOOOOOONG day!!!!


Kate said...

I love reading about your adventures. I haven't got to the end of an Ethiopian post without crying!
Thinking of you, K xxx

Anonymous said...

Good to hear all your news Janet, your little angel sounds wonderful. Well done Mr.M. for getting the legal stuff sorted out, sounds confusing even reading about it! Hope the older two are feeling better soon and that you have a more restful day today!

Don't worry about baby's eyelids, it's likely due to a common condition called epiblepharon (our sweetiepie had it too) which self-corrects as babies get older, will email you later.

love to you all
Wai Ling xx

kristine said...

I am hanging on every word! The sickness is the one thing that has me a bit freaked out about traveling - but i guess it comes with the territory.

Just thinking of all the love and care pouring in on your littlest one makes me so happy.

Hope little Prince has been able to eat something today! I totally understand not wanting to see others eat when you can't.

And I hope Drama Teen is back up on her feet quickly!

suzanne said...

Oh dear, hope they get over the tummy bug quickly. Its yuky being unwell when you are travelling.
Sounds like you are getting on top of the paperwork! Albeit a little stressed. Hope the passport and visa paperchase are more smooth!

Hugs the Wongs

Anonymous said...

Oh my heart's with you J, there in Addis lol.

My love to the little un.

Here's hoping you get everything processed and done in no time. and that everyone feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

Point 3, what sexist rubbish!!!
Having the wonderful W with you is what gets things done!

lisa A said...

Janet you're a MOM of 4!!! Sooooo happy for you my friend!

Sounds like the whole family is mezmerized! Sooooo sweet--what a wonderful and sooo very memoable trip for your family. I still can hardly believe you have your daughter!!!! Seriously--wasn't it just yesterday we met in the july 07 LID'r's group? Oh yeah, that was just shy of 2 years ago--silly me. Time seems to have dragged at times--but flown by in other ways. I'm sure the wait all seems like a blur and but a wink of life to you now--and I am sooooooo seriously happy for you!

Lisa A

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,

Sorry to chime in so late. I've only just gotten the chance to check out your blog since you left the UK.

Congratulations! I can't wait to see some photos of your precious little girl!

I hope that yucky stomach bug beats it out of there fast! Other than that, it seems like all is going very nice! : )


Three Motherlands said...

Congratulations! Sounds like new daughter is 'perfection'.

By the way, Cowgirl briefly had a bit of the eye condition you mentioned while in China. It does clear itself up before long. Our guide in China mentioned that it's common with Asian babies, so maybe it's something similar for your little girl and she'll outgrow it.

Sorry to hear the virus is making its way through the family and hope by now that you are all well.

Thinking of you,
Ellen & family, xxx


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