Monday, 8 June 2009

No Passport Today - (Wednesday 3rd June)

We had been told that we had an appointment today at 3pm to collect
baby's Ethiopian Passport, so we lazed around the Guest House after
breakfast. It was a much quieter relaxing morning as the usual Guest
House Manager is having a holiday, and we have a replacement manager
who doesn't wind Little Prince up at all :-) I took Drama Teen and
Little Prince over to Kaldi's for some lunch, Mr Messy stayed at the
Guest House with sleeping baby so that he could make up her bottles.
We walked straight round to Kaldi's and the children both ordered
cheese sandwiches and I ordered a portion of fries. However, when our
order arrived the children had cheese sandwiches and fries, and I had
no fries!! We all pooled our meals so that we all had enough, and we
even brought some of the sandwiches back to the Guest House for Little
Prince to have later. We decided to treat ourselves to cake for
dessert, and I can definitely recommend the caramel cake - delicious
:-) Next we went up to the third floor of the Friendship Mall to get
yet more photocopies of our Passports ready to apply for baby's
British Visa (TOP TIP - bring LOTS of photocopies of your passport,
and once in Ethiopia get LOTS of copies of the Visa page too). Next
we wandered round to the supermarket for some more formula (NAN 1 is
about 145 birr per tin). While there Little Prince spotted some
Pringles and insisted on having some familiar home comfort food!!

When we got back to the Guest House we helped make sure Mr Messy had
everything he needed to go and pick up baby's Passport. However, as
the clock ticked past 2pm we got more and more concerned, and in the
end rang up Assistant. She said that baby's Passport wasn't ready
today (she had been to the office at 9pm and been told it wasn't going
to be ready until tomorrow). Mr Messy asked her to arrange for the
driver to pick him up first thing in the morning, as baby's Passport
should be ready at 9am. If things go to plan, we should be able to
apply for baby's British Visa tomorrow too. We are going to work on
the LOOOOOOOONG Visa Application form tonight so that we are as
prepared as possible to get the application in tomorrow.

The American family that are also staying at the Guest House are
having problems too. Their American Embassy appointment has already
been put back one day and today they found out that it has been put
back again until tomorrow. They only found out when their driver
didn't arrive when they thought he should, they were all dressed up
and waiting at the Guest House and no driver!! Once the Dad rang
their agency contact to find out what was going on, he was told that
their appointment had been postponed as it was too busy at the
Embassy. The Dad was getting very stressed about this as he has
already changed the family's flights home once, and is worried that
they might have to change them again. He and their agency had a
number of phone conversations, before it was confirmed that they will
go to the Embassy tomorrow instead. The agency also said the Embassy
is going to work with them to try to make sure the family have all
their paperwork in place to leave as planned on Friday. Fingers
crossed it all works out for them.

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