Monday, 8 February 2010

Drama Teen's Last Few Months

Well they've been "interesting" to say the least!! I can't say too much as she values her privacy, but we are working through the issues and seem to be coming out the other side happier :-)

A different issue has been Drama Teen's weight loss since we returned from Ethiopia. She was very slim to start with, not a spare ounce on her anywhere, but she got the same bug as her Dad (although a less virulent version that she recovered from much quicker than he did) and lost about half a stone or more. Which made her look almost skeletal!! Due to the other problems we've been having she has been upset and has only managed to gain a few pounds back. We've talked to one of LMS's friends who is training to be a personal trainer and nutritionist and she gave us some very helpful advice (THANK YOU SO MUCH E xxx). The bathroom scales are broken at the moment so we aren't sure if the new ideas are working, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

DRama Teen's Cleft Care Team have got a new member - a conservation dentist. And as her orthodontist felt she would benefit from his expertise she was referred to him. She had an initial consultation with him, and he outlined how he could improve the look of her teeth and the appointments to do the work were duly booked. I arranged for LMS and American Boyfriend to pick Little Prince up from school, as the appointment was mid afternoon and there was no way we would be back in time to pick him up. Me, Drama Teen and Princess Lollipop drove for over 2 hours to the appointment (her Cleft Care Team is based on the other side of the country) and then found that I had mixed up the times and we were an hour late!!! The dentist couldn't fit us in, and we had to come straight back home again. I was so upset and cross with myself. We have been attending appointments with this Team since Drama Teen was born, and driving 2 hours for all the appointments since we moved away from there 11 years ago! And I have NEVER done this before! I was mortified!! Drama Teen thought it was funny!!! Especially as I muttered and swore at myself for quite a lot of the drive home!!! The appointments have now been rebooked for next month and I will double, triple, quadruple check the times before we set off next time!!!!

We received Drama Teens Year 11 school report last week and she is doing FANTASTICALLY well :-) Me and her Dad are SO PROUD of her :-) Many of her teachers did point out that she could do even better if she included more detail in her answers (coursework and exams) and we hope that she heeds their advice and gets GCSE results that reflect her outstanding abilities :-) Well done Drama Teen xxxx

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