Thursday, 4 February 2010

Introducing our NEW daughter :-)

I am going to break my no photos rule, this one time and let you all have a glimpse of the perfection that is our new daughter. She is the most perfect addition to our family I could ever have imagined. No I could never have imagined we would be lucky enough to be matched with this little girl, she is beyond my wildest dreams in every single way - she is fantastic, wonderful, smart, beautiful and OURS :-) She is full of life and giggles. She has grown from being at the lowest end of the growth charts to nearing the top. She has learnt to roll over, sit up, crawl and now walk (and she is working on running!!). She has gone from being placed in the arms of weird looking strangers, to recognising we are her family and looking to us for comfort. She can now say "Dada" "Mama" "Brud Brud" (brother) and approximates her sister's names. She can sign "all gone" "cat" and "hat." She likes to play "round and round the garden" "row row row the boat" "clap hands daddy comes" and "wind the bobbin up." She gives hugs and kisses spontaneously and when you ask and tries to blow kisses too. She now has four teeth and two more well on the way. And she is even in age appropriate clothes, when we first met her she was in clothes much smaller than her age. She has firm likes and dislikes in food, and lets you know in no uncertain terms when she is hungry or not hungry! Little Prince says "she is like a real person but mini" LOVE it :-)

When we first received her referral Litle Prince (for reasons known only to himself!!) decided he wanted her name to be Lollipop Obstacle Water!! So I have decided that on the blog she will be PRINCESS LOLLIPOP :-)


Alix said...

Princess Lollipop is pretty much the cutest thing I've ever heard

Ellen said...

Oh, what a lovely post and a beautiful photo of your gorgeous daughter! She's SO lovely - and I'm sure those smiles go a long way to keep things sunny in your house! What a privilege to share in your joy! xxx

Lisa A said...

Oh my goodness Janet--I can't tell you how many times I think of you...wonder how you're doing...think "I should email her and see how she is." and of course our own little addition to our family recently has made all those thoughts just that--thoughts and not actions. So I am so happy to see this post. I hope you are back to blogging. And we can get back in touch.

SHE IS AMAZING Janet! Wow! I'm soooo very happy for you.

AND BTW--thank you for the comments on our blog while we were in China. That trip was crazy! And your comment along with others was a lifeline to me. :)

Izabella is also doing great--it's me that's slow to adjust to all that this addition brings to our lives. Never having had a child in our home--everything about that is NEW to us. But we are so happy to go through this adjustment. We're getting there!

kristine said...

She is unbelievable!!!!

Thanks so much for the photo - i totally understand but this is so sweet!

Yay! You're back!

Janet said...

Hi Alix,
I couldn't resist using Little Prince's name for her - it really is the cutest thing :-)

Hi Ellen,
Thank you, we think she is lovely too :-) And yes our house is full of baby smiles and giggles. And she is so funny she keeps us laughing too lol

Hi Lisa,
I think about you too, but the same thing happens before I can get in touch lol. I loved following your journey to your Izabella and it was so moving to know that you were finally all together and a family :-) LMS is almost 21 now, and I'm still adjusting to having kids lol, so don't worry :-)

Hi Kristine,
We are so lucky to have her, she is just wonderful in every single way. I still can't quite believe she is here and she is ours :-) And I'll try not to disappear again this time!!

Lots of love

Anonymous said...

Hey Janet - I've missed you!!! Such a lovely post, and your PL is so gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous xxxxx

Wai Ling xxxxxxxxxxx

Janet said...

Hi Wai Ling,
I find it amazing that people actually miss my drivel!! But I totally agree that Princess Lollipop is GORGEOUS :-)
Lots of love

Janny said...

I have Just caught upwith your tales Janet.Your daughter is beautiful you so lucky to have such a wonderful family .I think of you every time your little prince comes up on my comptuer screen-I have all my photos as a slideshow screen saver.
Take care

Janet said...

Hi Janny,
Thank you :-) We think she is totally gorgeous too :-) And she just gets cuter and funnier every day :-)
I do the photos slideshow screensaver too!!
You are Jan with the Villa aren't you? Let me know and I'll send you some updated piccies of Little Prince :-)

Janny said...

Hi Janet
Yes it's me -Jan with the villa-same e mail as oF old.I would love some updated photos of you all
Take care


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