Saturday, 4 September 2010


While Mr Messy was out meeting his competition judging committee this morning, me and Little Prince dismantled and rebuilt Princess Lollipop's cot in our room. Little Prince was very patient and listened to all the instructions very nicely and was a great help, I was very proud of him. Drama Teen was supposed to have been part of the judging committee, but decided to have a lie in instead - typical teenager! So she looked after Princess Lollipop, while me and Little Prince engineered the cot. When we got down they were both playing on Mario Kart Wii - Princess Lollipop with a steering wheel with a wii-mote (with no batteries in) fixed in (she knows it needs the wii-mote and won't "play" without one).

Mr Messy and the committee were supposed to shortlist three boys and three girls for the final test photoshoot, but the standard of entries were so high they have only narrowed it down to over a dozen each of boys and girls! They will meet again one evening in the week to have another try at narrowing it down again.

At the moment Drama Teen and Little Prince are having a competition to see who can get most points on a four race Grand Prix. Little Prince doesn't handle being beaten very well at all and is getting very frustrated and stroppy about the fact that he is coming last. He was doing so well before and is now back to being angry and raging, it doesn't take much at all to send him over the edge!

Tonight we'll see if me and Mr Messy can get some more sleep with Princess Lollipop in her cot beside our bed, instead of taking over our bed - for the smallest person in the bed she takes up the most room!! When we rebuilt the cot we left off one of the sides (after checking it was stable without installing the side!) and fixed the mattress so it is the same height as our bed. Hopefully this will make it easier to comfort Princess Lollipop during her nightly wakings, and let me and Mr Messy sleep more comfortably. Wish us luck this is the last of a long list of things we have tried to help us all get more sleep!!


Ellen said...

Oh,Janet! I can SO relate to what you all have been enduring. Cowgirl woke every hour, every night for nearly 18 months! It was pure sleep deprivation and it's taken me a couple of years to finally feel like my body has returned to a normal sleep pattern. We tried SO many different solutions, the one you're doing right now, as well. Thankfully, she is now sleeping through the night beautifully --- but there was a time when I had convinced myself it would never happen. We now believe that Cowgirl was processing all her trauma 'stuff' in the night and it just kept waking her up in a crying state. She's always been a very social child so in the day, she never showed any outward signs of trauma or attachment issues. She always went right back to sleep but OMG it was awful and I remember it as though it was just last week! It sounds like Princess Lollipop is a bit outgoing like Cowgirl so maybe she is going through a similar pattern. Good luck with the cot next to your bed - I hope the pattern of a good night's sleep continues, and that Princess Lollipop benefits from the comfort of having your presence so close to her. xxx

Janet said...

Hi Ellen,
I remember you talking about Cowgirls sleep problems, and its comforting to know that there is an end to it all eventually! I can totally understand how sleep deprivation can be used as a torture device!!
Princess Lollipop has been in her cot beside our bed for two nights now, she is still waking but settles back to sleep so much more quickly (within minutes rather than the hours it used to take) and we are all feeling a little more rested. Fingers crossed this continues!
When she woke up alone in her room she would scream, a really terrified cry, so I agree that she is probably processing some of her "stuff" during the night, as Cowgirl did. Hopefully now she isn't waking alone, she will grow in confidence and eventually manage to sleep the night through.
Thanks for your message, I appreciate the support :-)


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