Thursday, 2 September 2010

Frustrating and not very productive day!

Mr Messy got in touch early this morning from work, and asked if I could find out what is happening with his order of new lights for the gallery. He placed the order over the weekend, and the lights were "in stock" on the website, which also assured us that most orders are despatched the next working day - we still haven't heard anything about our order!! I rang the company and was passed around various different people and departments, before they decided they would ring me back. They rang back later and said that they had had such an influx of orders over the Bank Holiday weekend that they were unfortunately out of stock of the lights we'd ordered and wouldn't be able to despatch them until next week. I told them that our electrician was booked in for Saturday and we needed them for then, or would have to cancel the order. They said they would check all their showrooms for stock and get back to me. Three hours later I finally spoke to them again, only to be told that they couldn't get hold of any of the lights and would have to refund our money. Luckily there Mr Messy had already seen some almost identical lights in Screwfix, which he ordered and have already been despatched - next time we will stick with a company we know and trust, rather than one we've never used before!!

I've also been trying (unsuccessfully so far!) to find a way of getting Little Prince assessed for ADHD (which me, our GP and his Paediatrician are 99.9% sure he has) as soon as we can. I left a message early this week for his Paediatrician asking if he could see Little Prince again, and his secretary rang me today. She isn't sure if Little Prince is still a patient of the Paed, or if he was discharged when the Paed referred him to the hospital CAHMS service! She is going to check his records and get back to me next week. I explained that I'm seeing our GP about our concerns tomorrow and she recommended that the GP re-refer him just in case Little Prince has already been discharged. She gave me the number of a Local Council run support service, who unfortunately can't help us as we live in a different Local Authority to the hospital and this service!! She also said that the Paed doesn't see patients privately, and doesn't know any local service that would, so we are no closer to getting Little Prince assessed! Sooooo frustrating!!!

One piece of good news is that we got a letter from our own Local Authority this morning letting us know that they will be formally assessing Little Prince's educational needs, to see if he qualifies for a Statement (which will mandate how many hours one to one support the school have to provide him). I know this is needed, but I'm still a little sad that its come to this. And also that the Local Authority have so readily agreed to assess him, they are apparently very strict with their criteria of who will be assessed, so Little Prince's needs must be pretty high on their scale. Mixed feelings.

Other good news is that the decorator will start the prep work on the shop tomorrow, and is even coming to our house to pick up the shop keys - love that helpful local touch :-) He's going to be finishing off the interior and exterior painting on Monday and Tuesday, and I'll be posting update photos to my social networking site for those that actually know me! He has said its no problem to come back once we've had the joiner come and do some boxing in we need doing, to paint the "boxing in" bits, I just asked him to leave me some of the paint and I'd do it myself, so that's good too :-) The next job will be to organise the new laminate flooring and the shop front signage, its all coming together a lot quicker than we thought it could and well under budget so far too :-)

Little Prince's tricks for today:-
He sneaked the furniture polish outside and cleaned the windows, his Dad's old 4x4 and used it as perfume!
Had a big meltdown when told he couldn't take ALL his money to the local shop when Drama Teen and her boyfriend offered to take him there.
Had a big meltdown because he didn't want Daddy to take him to bed.
To be honest today has been quite a good day for Little Prince, with much less raging and crazy behaviour than usual. He did sleep all night (could it have been the Calpol!?) so that probably helped. Fingers crossed he continues to improve!

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