Sunday, 19 September 2010

Love Lie-In Sundays

Mr Messy let me have a wonderful lie in till lunch time today, which after the last few nights of broken sleep with Princess Lollipop was VERY much appreciated :-) I had to get up when Mr Messy went out to pick up Drama Teen and her friends from the cinema. Once again Little Prince and Princess Lollipop weren't in the best moods and it was a difficult hour or so!

Princess Lollipop had some spectacular tantrums and we really have to stop the hitting, pinching and spitting! I have no idea where she got the idea for these behaviours from, and I'm not doing too well at stopping them! When she hits or pinches she is sat on the floor and a big fuss is made of her "victim." The spitting she is told "No" and has her mouth wiped and other than that we try to ignore it.

As the afternoon went on Princess Lollipop's behaviour got grumpier and grumpier and she had more and more tantrums. She hadn't had her nap and it showed! She eventually fell asleep cuddling up with her Daddy, which Mr Messy really appreciated as she has been very rejecting of him lately. The trouble was she feel asleep in the early evening, so I am blogging with a very bright, happy and bouncy little girl who is not going to sleep any time soon!!

Drama Teen and her Boyfriend came back here after their trip to the cinema with their friends. They were going to go to the local Farming Festival, but the weather was cold and wet and they decided not to go. Little Prince had been looking forward to going to the Farming Festival and was very angry that he didn't get to go, which as usual led to lots of crazy behaviour!

When Mr Messy took Drama Teen's Boyfriend home he called at the Chinese takeaway and brought home tea. Princess Lollipop ate lots of our rice and quite a lot of the meal too, she obviously enjoys Chinese food :-)

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