Monday, 27 September 2010


Yet another restless night from Princess Lollipop, so I was tired again today, I'm beginning to forget what wide awake feels like!! Princess Lollipop was a little less clingy today, so perhaps she is starting to feel a bit more settled and will start sleeping soon ... well I can always hope!!

After I picked up Little Prince from school, we had to pop down to OUR shop :-) I was meeting with the Landlord and the joiner, who is going to lay the floor tonight :-) We arrived early so Little Prince and Princess Lollipop had fun playing, although with Little Prince in the lead it soon descended into a screaming chaotic game!! Which was just when the Landlord and the joiner arrived!! Despite all my encouragement and firmness Little Prince didn't calm down AT ALL!! He just got worse!! MUCH worse!!! I've given up being embarrassed by his behaviour, I just try and get on with what I am doing and calm him down as much as I can and try to stop him annoying others - not easy and not always possible.

The joiner got straight to work laying the underfloor insulation, which Little Prince insisted on jumping straight on to and lying and rolling over on it!! Copied by Princess Lollipop!! We also discovered that the lock for the back door was broken, luckily the joiner will be able to fix that tonight too! He (and his Dad) will work through the night to get the floor fitted for us, although they probably won't be able to do the other little jobs we had lined up for them. We'll have to get them to come back or we'll have to get someone else in to do the rest of the jobs, its only a few bits of things so shouldn't take someone more than an hour or so.

When we got home Princess Lollipop refused point blank to eat her pasta, she just put it on her fork and then waved the fork around till the pasta flew off and then started again. She had the screaming abdabs if I tried to divert any to her mouth!! After five minutes of this I took her away from the table, which caused an even bigger tantrum with lots of tears and sobbing!! And to top it all Little Prince knocked over his full glass of water all over the table!! I'll try Princess Lollipop with something else later, but she obviously doesn't want pasta tonight!!! To cheer her up Little Prince is playing Mario Kart Wii with her, she really thinks she is playing and gets so excited :-) That didn't last either, Little Prince was doing great and winning all his races, but the moment he started to lose and couldn't catch up he turned the Wii off and threw the controls :-(

Mr Messy rang from OUR shop to say the joiners were 3/4s of the way through fitting the floor already :-) And that it was looking great :-) He then nipped to the nearby chippie to save me having to cook tea :-) He got Princess Lollipop some fish, which she ate quite a bit of, however he got all frustrated because he couldn't eat his own tea as he was feeding Princess Lollipop. He went upstairs to do some more editing on a wedding from earlier this year, where the bride has been SUPER demanding and every time he thinks he has finished with it, she asks for more edits or work done on her photos!! It is turning into a never ending nightmare!! He came down cross and even more frustrated as he couldn't remember how to do the particular edit the bride wants (picture in black and white apart from one or two details in colour) and sat on the sofa fuming for a while!! I have had enough drama today so I just ignored him, and he's now gone back upstairs to his office!! Hopefully having thought about it he's remembered how to do the edits needed and will be in a better mood next time he comes downstairs!!

I'm just about to try Princess Lollipop with her third tea of the night and see if she eats that one! I think she is too young to say "if you don't eat that you don't get anything else" and if she has a full tummy she might actually sleep tonight!!

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23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

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