Wednesday, 15 September 2010

More Setbacks

I have been waiting to hear back from Little Prince's hospital paediatrician all week, and today lost patience and rang them myself! Unfortunately, the hope of last week was immediately dashed. The paediatrician no longer works with children with behavioural problems like Little Prince's, and a letter to this affect was sent to us and our GP a couple of days ago. So we are back to square one, with the only hope of getting help for Little Prince being to wait however long "a considerable amount of time" is, to see the hospital CAHMS unit. I don't know how I can cope with the kind of behaviour Little Prince is experiencing for that long. I don't know how Little Prince is going to cope at school, or how school are going to cope with him and help him continue to learn and develop, whilst also stopping him disrupting (or even worse hurting) his classmates.

I can't see any other way forward at the moment and its really knocked me for six. I've been near to tears most of the afternoon since finding out this news, but I've got no choice but to hide those feelings and keep going, keep trying to help Little Prince. Our GP agrees that its ludicrous that we are being made to wait and put through all this extra stress when it is so obvious to him that Little Prince urgently needs help, but he can't seem to access any help either. What are families supposed to do?? Where are they supposed to turn to for help??


Anonymous said...

Awww no way?! Sorry to hear that mum :( thinking of you, sending you lots of hugs, and my boy lots of calming thoughts!! Good luck and I know you'll manage :) love love love, LMS xxxxxxxxxxx

Janet said...

Onwards and upwards :-) After having an indulgent cry last night, I'm feeling better this morning. Little Prince is calm for him this morning, although we're off to a hospital appointment in an hour, so things might get a bit crazy then!!
Lots of love love love

cabbage queen said...

Janet, Isn't your GP able to prescribe anything as an interim measure for you until you can get in for your other appointment? I know they can here in the US...guess the UK is different??
Thinking of you lots!!!

Janet said...

Hi Cabbage Queen,
Unfortunately GPs aren't allowed to prescribe ADHD appropriate medication any more, our GP would be happy to do so if he was allowed to. It has to be a consultant who makes the decision, and getting access to a consultant is what is causing so many problems right now :-( Although we do have a glimmer of hope after some advice I got today :-)
Missing you lots
Love and hugs
PS I'll reply to your emails as soon as I can, it was lovely to remember some of the places we visited :-)


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