Thursday, 23 September 2010

Quiet Day, Noisy Evening!

Yesterday me and Princess Lollipop had a really quiet day, the nightime restlessness seems to have finally caught up with her and she was very tired and grumpy. She ended up having two naps, one in the morning and another short one in the afternoon. When she woke up from her afternoon nap we went straight to her Stay and Play session at Little Prince's school. We only made it for the last half an hour, and all Princess Lollipop wanted to do was sit on my knee and suck her thumb! She didn't want any snack and didn't want to join in with the singing session. She did seem confused that Stay and Play was so short and tried to run off and play in the garden!

When we went back to school I picked up Little Prince and his friend J. As the scaffolding still hasn't been removed from our garden (and I'm sure that the two boys wouldn't be able to resist trying to climb it!!) I took them to the village park to play for a while. The boys immediately ran off to the opposite corner of the field and disappeared through the hedge!! When they eventually reappeared I made them come over and told them they had to stay in sight from now on or we would have to go home. Their next trick was to pull over the football goal, so I had to tell them to behave again! They carried on playing nicely for a while, until they decided that running round and round the toilet block was their new favourite thing to do! As the toilet block is adjacent to the car park and recycling centre I had to give up and take them home! At home they played pretty well with none of their usual fighting and falling out. Princess Lollipop wasn't impressed that they played in "Boy World" (the section of the lounge with Little Prince's small toys eg Lego, that is barricaded off from Princess Lollipop) and screamed at them to be allowed to join in, which of course she was too small to do! They also made themselves snacks, which resulted in lots of Nesquick all over the worktops and milk all over the floor, and the boys stuffed with sugary sweets - no they didn't ask me first!!! There other "mishap" was stamping each other's faces with the craft stamps to make each other blush!!! They looked rather strange with Disney Car shaped blushes lol.

J's Mum rang and said she would be a little late picking J up, she had been at a training course all day and was then caught in traffic getting home. She said she had been worrying about me having both boys all day, probably due to Little Prince's fall off the wheelie bin last week at her house!! When Drama Teen returned from college I asked her to watch Princess Lollipop while I took the boys upstairs to have a play on Little Prince's new slide bed, a supervised play!!! J went home with his Mum pretty nicely, usually he runs off and hides (Little Prince does the same at their house!!) and won't go with his Mum or Dad!!

After J had gone home I got Little Prince to go in the shower, as he was certainly living up to his Dirt Magnet name!! He can shower himself pretty much now, so long as he wears his swimming goggles while washing his hair, otherwise he gets hysterical if shampoo goes in his eyes (screaming out that he's blind!!). Princess Lollipop had her tea while he was in the shower, but once again she hardly ate anything, which doesn't help the restless nights!!

Mr Messy was very very late home, due to an accident on his route and subsequent backed up traffic! Little Prince was very upset that Daddy wasn't home before bedtime and said he likes all his family to be at home together. By the time Mr Messy got home and done some admin work for his photography business it was almost time for bed :-( Neither of us like the huge amount of time he is having to spend working instead of with the family :-(

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