Friday, 10 September 2010

Quiet Friday

Mr Messy worked from home again today, he is feeling a little better but still not truly well again. He still isn't eating and has a really sore throat, I suggested he visit the doctor but he wouldn't, typical man!! He has agreed that if he doesn't feel better by Monday he will make an appointment, so that's a little bit of progress!!

Mr Messy walked Little Prince up to school, which is what they usually do, so was quite acceptable to Little Prince. He ride his scooter as we realised it must have been left at school throughout the holidays!! We checked with the school caretaker and there are about 6 or 7 scooters in the boiler room, so Little Prince's must be among them!! The caretaker did joke that she was going to have a scooter sale if they aren't collected soon!

We had a very quiet day and didn't really do much, hopefully that will help Mr Messy feel better. His throat got worse throughout the day, but he did seem brighter that yesterday. After school Little Prince re-started his swimming lessons, he was very happy to return to his lessons but quite over excited too. I warned his teacher how he was and she kept a pretty tight rein on him through the lesson, afterwards she said he had behaved beautiful and swam really well :-) It didn't last and by the time we got back home he was once again in a foul screechy mood and slammed his way upstairs shouting he hated living here!! He came down a little while later in his pyjamas, saying he was going to bed!! We managed to persuade him to stay downstairs until after his tea, and after a while he calmed down a little. We did make sure he was in bed on time, as he said he woke up at 4.30am this morning, which might explain his behaviour!

I spoke to Little Prince's hospital Paediatrician's secretary and she is going to flag up Little Prince's notes for the Paediatrician to look at and make a decision about seeing Little Prince again. She asked if we had considered medication for Little Prince as that was mentioned in his notes from June last year, and I told her we had agreed to a trial period on medication but that when Little Prince was referred to the hospital CAHMS department that seemed to get forgotten, and that Little Prince's behaviour had deteriorated considerably since then and with him joining a larger class in the juniors, we were very worried about how he was going to cope. She agreed that Little Prince needs an urgent review and that she would make sure we heard something back from them next week. Fingers crossed that all this will get us somewhere and get Little Prince the help he obviously desperately needs.

Little Prince and Princess Lollipop were in bed early, so I was looking forward to a quiet relaxing evening writing an email to LMS and watching Lie to Me with Drama Teen. However, Princess Lollipop had other ideas and she woke up while we were having tea, and despite me trying to settle her for over half an hour and then Mr Messy coming to bed himself and trying to settle her, she would not go back to sleep. I ended up bringing her back downstairs for a couple of hours and didn't get to bed until very late, tomorrow is going to be a long day!

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