Friday, 24 September 2010

Singing Lesson

Drama Teen had her singing lesson this evening, her first since the Summer hols and since her teacher moved house. The new house is quite a bit further away, which makes it impossible for me to go home with the little two, so I had to sit in the car with them for the half an hour lesson. They were not amused!! Princess Lollipop was kept fairly calm with a CD she enjoys and Little Prince played on his Gameboy for a while. After that he got very frustrated with the game he was playing and eventually threw the Gameboy on the floor of the car and said it was stupid and he hated it. Its still there!

Princess Lollipop wouldn't eat her tea before we left for the lesson, I'm not sure if its because I tried to feed her at a different time, or if was what I tried to give her (a pasta bake she's never tried before). She then refused to touch her snack that I took along in the car, and tore up the sandwich and threw it at Little Prince and all over the floor before I could stop her!! I don't think she's going to sleep well tonight as she's going to be hungry :-(

We got home at the same time as Mr Messy, who'd been held up on the way home yet again, but not quite as badly as the other night luckily. He took Little Prince to bed, while Drama Teen looked after Princess Lollipop and I put tea on for me and Mr Messy. Princess Lollipop did eat quite a lot of our tea, so perhaps she won't be as hungry as I thought, fingers crossed!! While she was looking after Princess Lollipop, Drama Teen's friend JP arrived and was very put out that Princess Lollipop kept calling him the name of Drama Teen's boyfriend!! That's a bit cryptic but I don't use people's real names so it made it difficult to explain lol. He said he didn't want to watch it, but he seemed to enjoy the Phineas and Ferb episode Drama Teen put on for Princess Lollipop. Drama Teen makes him watch Friends with her (we have every episode on DVD) and now I think she's trying to convert him to liking P&F too!!! Poor lad!!

At one point in the evening when Princess Lollipop was wide awake, happy and playful Mr Messy tried to get her to play with him, which resulted in her having a complete meltdown and screaming for Mummy even though I was within touching distance. This is really really upsetting Mr Messy as Princess Lollipop used to be a total Daddy's Girl, and now he says she treats him like an axe murderer or something. Its upsetting me too, as I can't get a minutes peace from my gorgeous little Klingon!! I'm suffocating!!! That's probably why I stay up after everyone else has gone to bed and write this blog, its MY time!! I just wish I was more awake so I could enjoy it a bit more!!


Anonymous said...

LOL poor JP, I bet it didn't go down well being called Boyfriend!! *amused*

I think Princess L might be being unsettled by Lil Princes behaviour, uber clinginess seems to have coincided. Or that's how I see it, try and reassure Dad that could be it?? Don't know!! Poor Daddy though :( it's not fun when she's like that to you :(

Hope things calm down soon!! I'll try and reply to your message tonight but we having a film night so don't know if I will get chance. We're away all weekend from tomorrow, going to meet more relatives!! Other side of his family this time. Will tell you all about it when I get back :)

Love love looooove!!

PS give people my love, I miss you all!

Janet said...

You are right it did NOT go down well lol, poor JP.

Little Prince's behaviour is definitely unsettling Princess Lollipop, but his behaviour has been deteriorating for ages and this clingyness has got dramatically worse in the last few weeks. It could be a developmental/attachment stage that she'll process and grow out of soon, fingers crossed!! For Dad's sake as well as mine!!

Don't worry about replying to my message, just do it when you can! I understand :-)

Have a lovely weekend.

Lots of love love love

PS we all miss you too and send you our love. Little Prince says he found an Iowa coin for your collection, and was really really upset when he couldn't find it in his pocket :-( He wanted you to be impressed awww

Anonymous said...

Awwww, tell him he's really sweet and I am impressed :) he's too good to me!! :) give everyone hugs and kisses from me :) bleeeeh 6am starts suck, don't want to be awake!! Xxxxxxxxxx

Janet said...

He's found the coin, and it really is an Iowa picture quarter!! We are going to check if you already have it in your collector's folder when we get chance. He was so pleased with himself when he found it again :-)
Love love love

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've checked already, but if I do have it then tell him he should keep it, I know he loves his coins, he could start his own collection :) Boyfriend collects coins, he has loads of really cool ones :)



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