Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I had to give Little Prince bad news this morning (he won't be able to visit Mad Cat Lady's house tonight as planned) and he was so upset :-( He stomped around the house for ages and then flumped on to the sofa saying he was sad and tired. I know Mad Cat Lady can't help the change in plans (due to work commitments) and he will be seeing her at our shop when she delivers some stuff for our shop, but I really wish she hadn't changed the plans at such short notice :-(

When I'd dropped Little Prince off at school I drove straight down to the furniture shop where we've bought OUR shop's furniture, so that I could pay the rest of the money for the furniture and arrange for delivery later this week. The shop wasn't open until 10am so me and Princess Lollipop came home for a while and will try again later!

We managed to sort out the furniture later, its now all paid for and they are going to ring me either today or tomorrow to arrange the delivery :-) I had another trip down to OUR shop to get some pictures that I can hopefully get off my camera this time!! Then me and Princess Lollipop went for some lunch at a cafe, she wasn't that hungry and just shared my omelette.

When we got home she was tired and fell asleep, I took the opportunity to get on with some jobs, until I suddenly realised I should have been picking Little Prince up from school for our Podiatry appointments!! I ran round like a loony getting my stuff together, and even managed to get Princess Lollipop into the car without waking her up!! School had Little Prince ready and waiting at the gate for me to grab him and go :-) He then spent the whole journey questioning the legal speed limit compared to my driving speed!!! I was in a hurry!!! Talk about back seat drivers!!

The Podiatry appointment went well, Little Prince has to carry on wearing his insoles (or plimsoles as he calls them!!) and the Podiatrist confirmed that the x-rays showed no damage to his bones, so the injury must be a soft tissue problem. The insoles will support his hyper mobile joints and allow the tendons to heal, well as much as they can when Little Prince can't stay still for a moment. My appointment didn't have as much good news :-( The top joint of my big toe is fused together, which I had guessed as I can't bend the toe at all, and the second toe has healed badly and the bone looks all twisted. The only treatment options are either carry on with the insoles, steroid injections or surgery! Unsurprisingly I've decided to go for sticking with the insoles!!! The Podiatrist said I might get more trouble with it as I age, but as I am managing with the insoles its ok to stick with them for now. We both have to go back in three months time to check we are getting on ok, and then we will probably be discharged, but with the ability to go back if we encounter any further problems.

I dropped Little Prince back at school, and me and Princess Lollipop had barely stepped in the house before we got a phone call from the business next door to OUR shop. Apparently the joiners had left all their rubbish in the corridor at the back of the shop, which blocked the adjacent business's access to the shared toilet facilities!! I had to rush out and move all the rubbish into OUR shop, accompanied by Princess Lollipop, who wasn't very happy to be stuck in her buggy while I moved everything. But there is so much sawdust, nails and bits of rubbish all over OUR shop that I couldn't let her out!!

We got back just in time to pick Little Prince up from school, and somehow I got persuaded to let him have his friend J come over to play! I thought it was his turn to go to J's house, ah well!! J's Dad is picking him up at 5pm, so I'll have time to get the littlies their tea before having to go back to the shop to get it cleaned up and to be there when Mad Cat Lady delivers some of the stuff for the shop. Little Prince is sad that he can't go and see Mad Cat Lady's husband, sons, cats and dogs, but is a little mollified that he can help me in the shop and Princess Lollipop is too small and will have to stay at home with Drama Teen!! Well fingers crossed she will as I haven't asked Drama Teen yet if she'll babysit yet!!!

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