Wednesday, 27 October 2010

The Rest of Wednesday

I decided enough was enough and started to tidy up and pack up everything, and take the littlies home. At one point Little Prince decided he would stay with Daddy and play on the internet on OUR shop's computer. Within minutes he had changed his mind and wanted to come with Mummy, despite encouragement from both me and Mr Messy he was adamant that he wouldn't stay. The next twenty minutes or so descended into total chaos, as Drama Teen and Little Prince each tried to "help" get ready to go, because of all the chaos around her Princess Lollipop started to get fractious and shout "CAR CAR" as loudly as she could. In the end I lost it and yelled at everyone!! I did apologise in the car on the way home though, hopefully they will all forgive me. Drama Teen decided she was bored and she came home with us too, leaving Mr Messy to finish off what he was working on and lock up the shop before coming home himself.

On the way home Little Prince asked Drama Teen if she would play her new Wii game, Let's Dance, with him. She agreed but warned him that she had played it before and is quite good and he wasn't to get wound up and upset if she got more points than he did. He seemed to understand and we reassured him that it was going to be ok and that it would be fun. Almost as soon as they started playing he had his first meltdown! He couldn't do it! He was rubbish! He hated this game!! Then he threw the remote and slammed out of the room and upstairs. He returned a few minutes later and was persuaded to try again (BIG mistake!!) he lasted slightly longer before an even bigger meltdown. This time he started yelling at me, saying it was all my fault and I shouldn't have let him play and on and on like that for a while! I'm obviously not having a very patient day today, because I lost my temper again and ended up yelling that I wouldn't let him try anything new again!! All the yelling and tension upset Princess Lollipop who climbed onto my knee for comforting, followed by Little Prince who needed help to calm down. So when Mr Messy turned up a few minutes later, he commented on how calm it was - which made me and Drama Teen splutter with indignation lol!!

Once again Mr Messy had to spend the majority of the evening in his upstairs office dealing with the images from today's photo shoot. Neither of us were in the mood to cook so I went to collect a Chinese Takeaway, although Mr Messy had a Thai dish - which he said was the best he had ever tasted :-) Princess Lolllipop shared most of my rice but wouldn't try my sweet and sour chicken, that's despite devouring all of her own tea, followed by a sandwich!! Hopefully she'll be full enough to sleep all the way through the night - I can dream right?!

As it is half term and we don't have to be in OUR shop tomorrow (its Drama Teen's turn to man OUR shop on her own) I let Little Prince have an extra half an hour reading time - he was THRILLED :-) I love the fact that he is enjoying reading in bed so much, and remember doing the same thing as a child :-) We've even bought him a head torch for Christmas so he can snuggle under the covers and read :-) Apart from Harry Potter he mostly likes to read fact books - Vikings, ancient Egyptians, dinosaurs and science are his current subjects of choice :-) And after reading them he'll come out with random facts from the books, sometimes they even have something to do with the conversation we are having too lol.

I'm looking forward to having a day at home with the littlies tomorrow. As we have to drop Drama Teen off at OUR shop we won't be able to have a pyjama day, but a day slobbing around in jeans and a t-shirt is very appealing :-) And Little Prince will have the opportunity to chill out and relax in his own environment, which after two days cooped up in OUR shop he really needs!! I'd like to take the littlies out somewhere for the day, but the hairdresser is coming in the middle of the day, and I have to drop off and pick up Drama Teen so I probably won't have time. I've got the whole of Friday to take them somewhere so I'll wait till then and take them somewhere Little Prince can run off some steam and get rid of some pent up energy.

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25th May 2009 - See New Child again & Court Date

23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

26th March 2009 - Fly to Ethiopia :-)

3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

26th February 2009 - Dossier sent to Ethiopia

22nd December 2008 - Dossier back at DCSF

28th November 2008 - Certificate of Eligibility ISSUED

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