Thursday, 21 October 2010


We are all getting into a good morning routine, and today was not really much different from usual. Little Prince got a phone call from his friend J asking him to take his Match Attax book and swapping cards to school to play with. Its funny listening to them on the phone :-)

After we'd dropped Little Prince off at school, me and Princess Lollipop popped round to the Post Office to pick up the latest parcels that the Postman had left there for collection. The Post Mistress said there were LOTS, as we were parked right outside I was able to put Princess Lollipop back in her seat and go back to carry all the parcels. I think I'm getting a bit carried away on Ebay at the moment!! I got a couple more Christmas presents, a couple more Christmas "marketing" outfits for Princess Lollipop and some clothes that Drama Teen had won. I was hoping the replacement car DVD player would have arrived too, but no such luck. Its Drama Teen's singing lesson tonight, and its too far to drop her off and return home, so I have to stay outside in the dark, cooped up in the car with the two littlies!! NOT fun!! Later that morning I got a text from Drama Teen saying that her teacher was too busy and had cancelled tonight's lesson, which suits me down to the ground :-)

The DVD player works as two independant dvd players, or as a more usual twin screen one. It will be perfect for the littlies as they rarely want to watch the same thing! And next week, during half term, when I have to bring Princess Lollipop AND Little Prince to the shop with me, they will hopefully help keep him calm and entertained! He gets so excited and wound up when he is in the shop that I am desperately trying to think of things to amuse him, whilst also keeping him calm and fairly quiet!! Princess Lollipop is used to being here now and will be no problem, its just my mad boy that I'm worried about!!

We've only had a couple of customers call in today, a Grandma who wanted to come in with her Grandchildren to get them photographed. I explained that OUR shop isn't a studio (which confuses most people!) and that Mr Messy comes out to the client and photographs them at their home, garden or other place they feel would suit their needs eg local park, churchyard etc. She seemed impressed with that arrangement and said she would ring us up when she'd sorted out when she could get all four children together. The other customer we couldn't help, unfortunately. She wanted some photographs mounting, so that they would look better in an album, but the mounts we supply photos in are just too thick and wouldn't work, and we don't supply any other mounts. I suggested she try a craft shop as she could find something in the scrapbooking section that would better meet her needs. She also wanted to ask if we developed photographs, which we don't do, so I apologised for not being very helpful and we said our goodbyes.

I've also been speaking to the sign writers we used to provide our above the window shop sign, to revise their designs for the window graphics we are going to order next. I liked some aspects of their first design, but wanted to see if they could revise other parts, they are going to redo the design and send proofs over when they've done them. Then I got a call from the small local paper, they are running a Halloween feature and wondered if we wanted to purchase an advert in the feature pages. I've taken the details and me and Mr Messy will discuss it tonight and then decide what to do.

Princess Lollipop was much more relaxed and not so clingy this morning, she played with the shop keys for ages - jamming them in the door lock and then giggling like a mad thing! Then she would try to pull them out, she fell right over onto her bottom at one point and she laughed almost as much as I did. She has been feeding her nee naw horsie more apbits (see saw horsie apples), playing with her jigsaw and reading her books. She had a short nap, interrupted by a customer coming in just as she was disturbing slightly (normally I can get her to go back to sleep). So she didn't get enough sleep and will now play happily for a few minutes then turn into a grumpy whinge-bag and then after a cuddle go off and play again. Its going to be a looong time till her bedtime!!

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