Friday, 26 November 2010

FABULOUS Post (as in mail lol) :-)

This morning I was in (waiting for Mr Messy's car to arrive) when the post arrived, and it happened to be Post Lady that delivered it, she was even chatty and friendly while handing over the post! And to my great joy and relief we received the new Proposed Statement of Special Educational Needs. The letter I sent has been taken into account and the new Statement now correctly lists Little Prince as having severe dyspraxia, and grants him 16 hours of support each week. I had hoped that he would be granted more support than that, but his school's Head teacher and SENCO are very pleased with the outcome.

AND we received another letter - this one from the ADHD Dept at the different hospital he was recently referred to. I can't believe its come so quickly, especially after all the messing about and delays we've experienced with the first hospital!! The letter contained various forms we have to fill in and send back within two weeks, and a form that I'm to give to school for them to fill in. The letter also said to ring the ADHD Specialist Nurse to make an appointment for her to come out on a home visit, which I did and she is coming out first thing on 14th December - just over two weeks away!! This is lightening quick compared to the last hospital! I just hope the rest of their service is just as efficient and that Little Prince will soon get the help he desperately needs.

I filled in all the forms at OUR shop while Princess Lollipop had her nap, and handed the school one into the school secretary to pass to Little Prince's class teacher. I also requested that they include a copy of Little Prince's last school report, which the ADHD Dept also asked for. I impressed on them that the form has to be filled in VERY quickly, as I have to send it all off together on Monday.

I am amazed at how efficient this referral has been. Although I impressed with the first hospital for Little Prince's Autism diagnosis, the ADHD diagnosis has dragged on for over two years now and its getting ridiculous! The original paediatrician mentioned from the very first appointment the possibility of a future diagnosis of ADHD (it can't be diagnosed under the age of 6 or 7 years can't remember which). We were almost at the point of him confirming the official diagnosis when he suddenly referred Little Prince to a different hospital department which is when the trouble started! It took them 8 months to see Little Prince for the first time in May 2010, and when contacted again by both myself and our GP to say the referral was VERY URGENT they refused to prioritise Little Prince's case. In October 2010 they said it would be at least another EIGHT MONTHS before he could be seen!!! And even then it would only be the next step in their diagnostic process, so we could be waiting goodness knows how much longer after that to get an official diagnosis!! Ridiculous!!!! Little Prince's behavioural problems are causing so much stress in our family, if we weren't a strong family we probably would have fallen apart by now. And strong as we are, we have gotten perilously close to falling apart!! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end of the stress....

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