Monday, 1 November 2010


Little Prince was up VERY early as the clocks had gone back during the night, and he didn't realise! He was MEGA excited that it was Halloween and also that my Baby Sis and her Fiance were coming over. Baby Sis is expecting their baby in early January, and Little Prince is desperate to feel the baby "rumble" in her tummy :-) Baby Sis didn't mind and Little Prince sat very patiently with his hand on her tummy waiting for his cousin to "rumble" and talking to her :-) It was very sweet to watch :-)

Mr Messy and Drama Teen had left early in the morning to go to a fashion shoot for a posh clothes shop in a nearby town. The shoot was set to last until the mid afternoon with professional models, hair and make up artist and lots of different locations around the town to shoot in. When they had finished Mr Messy rang us up so that we could set off and meet him at OUR shop. Little Prince decided he wanted to go in Baby Sis's car, rather than in mine. We had to park on the outskirts of town, as the centre was cordoned off for the town's Halloween Festival. As we were walking down to OUR shop we met up with one of Little Prince's friends, so we had a chat before continuing on to OUR shop. Mr Messy was going to do a Maternity Shoot with Baby Sis and Fiance, so I took the littlies out for a walk round the shops. We went to the Youth Club first as Mr Messy said they were doing face painting, we waited in the queue for quite a while, before Little Prince decided he didn't want to wait any longer. I got him a toffee apple, which he wanted to eat to try and get his loose tooth to come out! He didn't realise that just licking the toffee wouldn't help loosen his tooth lol. We then walked up to the town's car park, where there were fairground rides set up. Little Prince chose to go on the Fun House ride, although he just ran round the whole thing in record time and then said he wanted to go on everything else! I distracted him by taking him in the newly opened children's play area and he had a fabulous time running round and climbing up and down the slide. There wasn't much for Princess Lollipop to play on as most of the play equipment was aimed at older children and she didn't want to ride on the swings. The steps up to the slide were too far apart for her to manage, but she could climb up the slide perfectly well anyway.

One group of parents were quite annoying, they were letting their children (3 boys all around 3 years old) run round and through the swings. I'm sure they would be the first to make a fuss if one of their little darlings got hit by the swings!! Eventually they did seem to realise that their children were causing problems and moved them over to play somewhere else. Princess Lollipop noticed a little boy (again about 3 years old) who had similar colouring to her, and chased after him shouting "pwetty pwetty." When we show her herself in the mirror we say "pretty girl" and now she calls all black people "pwetty" I don't think the little boy understood what she was saying so he didn't mind, and soon he and Little Prince were playing chase and catch. Little Prince played with him nicely, being careful not to bang into him or run too fast, very sweet :-) Mr Messy, Drama Teen, Baby Sis and Fiance had joined us by then, and it had started to rain. The shoot hadn't worked very well at the shop, so Mr Messy will visit them at their house next weekend to try again. Mr Messy and Little Prince stayed to play some more, while the rest of us went to the shop to get some sweets for the Trick or Treaters and then went back home, where it was warm and dry.

As soon as we got home I rushed around getting Little Prince and Princess Lollipop dressed in their Trick or Treat costumes, having got myself in a complete muddle about what time it was (we haven't changed all the clocks over yet!). So we were ready and all set to go an hour early!! Little Prince was excited to finally be in his costume, although by the time it was actually time to go out he had lost his mask and we had to all frantically rush round to find it!!

Me, Drama Teen and Baby Sis and her Fiance loaded up all the baby things I'd sorted out for them in their car. Luckily they had listened and brought their care empty, as there was a LOT of stuff!! They set off to return home just as Little Prince's friend J's Mum arrived to pick us up and take us to her end of the village, where we met T (Th for you LMS!!) and his Mum and took the boys Trick or Treating together. It got a bit fraught as J's big sister and her friends wanted to Trick or Treat on their own, and J's Mum wanted them to stay with us! So the boys would eagerly rush from house to house, while J's sister and her friends would dawdle along behind us trying to stay away from us!! We walked all the way through the village back towards our house, where I decided it was time to go home. Little Prince objected, so I left Princess Lollipop there with Drama Teen and Mr Messy and let Little Prince visit a few more houses, before insisted he had to come back home. Once home he declared it was the BEST Halloween EVER :-) I persuaded him to eat a sandwich before tucking into his haul, and by the time he'd finished he wasn't that hungry and didn't bother with his sweets. Although he did wake up really early the next morning and eat almost all of it!!

Mr Messy spent most of the evening editing the photographs from his fashion shoot, as the magazine is going to press in 10 days time so they need the images very quickly. He managed to get a basic edit done on over 300 pictures though - well done Mr Messy :-) I was able to catch up on watching all my saved Quantum Leap episodes from during the week, and also to get one of Little Prince's new school trousers shortened. I would have got all of them done, but I forgot till just before I wanted to go to bed, so just did one pair to be going on with and I'll get the rest done tomorrow.

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25th May 2009 - See New Child again & Court Date

23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

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