Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Musical Tuesday Evening

Me and Princess Lollipop left Mr Messy in OUR shop, while we went to collect Little Prince from school. Princess Lollipop was heartbroken when her favourite boys Little Prince and his friend J, went to J's house and she was stuck with just Mummy. She kept shouting for them and looking for them out of the lounge window. She was very happy when we went to collect Little Prince from J's house, although she would have preferred to collect both boys!! J's Mum said they had behaved very well together, which is quite unusual as they usually do something mischievous or end up fighting!

Mr Messy and Drama Teen were home at about the same time as us. Drama Teen then ran around like crazy getting ready to go back to college to perform in a musical evening. I took her there and watched the performance, I had hoped she would be in the first half of the show, but she was just after the interval. In the first part one performer stood out in particular, it was a violin solo and it was just magical. Very talented young man.

I rang Mr Messy during the interval and unfortunately woke Princess Lollipop up in the process, sorry Mr Messy. Apart from that he was coping magnificently, he'd fed both of them their tea and got Little Prince in bed and was just trying to settle Princess Lollipop.

Drama Teen's choir performed second after the interval, and she had a solo spot in the performance. They were singing a medley of songs from Les Miserable. She had been so nervous before the performance, but you couldn't tell when she began to sing - she sang so beautifully. I had a grin from ear to ear and wanted to turn round to the rest of the audience and shout "That's MY daughter." I was so proud of her - WELL DONE DRAMA TEEN :-) You were fantastic.

We were very naughty after the performance, in the disturbance of the whole choir leaving the stage - we left the auditorium!! We sneaked off so that we could call at the Supermarket before going home. We whizzed round as quickly as we could getting everything we needed and a few extras like iced top mince pies - my absolute favourite Christmas treat :-)

When we got home I put all the shopping away, as Drama Teen wanted to have a shower and Mr Messy was nowhere to be found! Once I'd put it all away, I went upstairs to find Mr Messy - he was trying to settle Princess Lollipop and having no luck at all! I took over and she was asleep in about 15 mins!! I got down just in time to catch Mr messy and Drama Teen watching I'm a Celebrity without me!! Luckily I hadn't missed seeing the latest trial, in which Gillian McKeith was as pathetic as ever! Apparently she has now claimed that she is pregnant to get out of doing the next trial (she is FIFTY ONE for goodness sakes!!!).

After Drama Teen had gone to bed me and Mr Messy watched Criminal Minds before sloping off to bed ourselves. Goodnight :-)

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