Friday, 31 December 2010

Catch Up Again

I'm starting to come down with whatever yuk it is the littlies have got and feel pretty rough! So I'll just do a quick recap of the last few days.

Wednesday - Mr Messy went over to OUR shop to start editing the wedding photos. Me and the littlies had a quiet day at home.

Thursday - We all went over to the ancestral homeland, so that Mr Messy and Drama Teen could photoThursdaygraph Baby Sis's new baby and the very proud new parents. Me and the littlies were dropped off at my Mum and Dad's house, so that we wouldn't get in the way for the photo shoot. And we didn't want to pass on the yuk to Baby Sis's tiny baby. Little Prince had a wonderful time, he played board games with Grandma, then she started to teach him a little chess (he rapidly got bored though). And then while I got Princess Lollipop settled for her nap, Grandma and Little Prince went to play in the local park. Little Prince said afterwards that he really enjoyed having Grandma all to himself, but that he loves playing with all his cousins too :-) We didn't call Lil Sis to let her and her brood know we were there as Princess Lollipop is very, very clingy and gets upset at the slightest thing and that would upset her cousins who really want her to play with them. So I didn't get to see my newest nieces again :-( Perhaps next time... The journey to and from Mum and Dad's was pretty difficult, Princess Lollipop doesn't like car journeys at the best of times, and with her feeling under the weather it made it all worse. I spent most of both journeys twisted round with my arm through the gap between my seat and the door, so that Princess Lollipop could hold "Mummy dand" as it was the only way to stop her screaming.

Friday - Mr Messy got up early and went over to OUR shop to get some more editing done. The pictures of Baby Sis, her Fiance and Tiny Baby are fabulous, there is one of Baby Sis serenely looking down at her sleeping daughter and it is stunning - "my" baby and her baby :-) Tiny Baby has had some health problems (all resolved now) that have made it a hard introduction to parenthood for Baby Sis and Fiance, but they have coped so well and so obviously dote on their little one, it is so sweet to see :-)
Little Prince started the day by coming into our bed and announcing he'd been sick. I take this with a pinch of salt as the barest drop coming out of his mouth gets the same reaction as violently emptying the contents of his stomach. However, he has no appetite and has barely eaten or left the sofa this morning, so I think he isn't quite as recovered as he'd seemed yesterday, poor lad. Both he and Princess Lollipop have been complaining more about their ears hurting so we are going to the Doctor's this afternoon, well our appointment is actually with the Nurse Practitioner but she can dispense antibiotic medication if they need it, and its the only appointment available before the Surgery closes for the long New Year weekend! Drama Teen appeared briefly to say she was off out on the bus to see her Boyfriend, and asked if we could pick her up from his house at 6pm. I asked Little Prince to go and get dressed, it took ages to persuade him to even get off the sofa, and then when he actually did go upstairs he sobbed all the way :-( Now I know there's definitely something wrong :-( He brought his clothes downstairs and asked me to dress him (another indication something was wrong) and then sat on my knee crying for ages. Princess Lollipop tried to move him and told him "Little Prince up Mummy knee 'mowow" (tomorrow).
Mr Messy got back at about lunch time from OUR shop, and I took Princess Lollipop upstairs for both of us to try and get a nap. Little Prince cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket and dozed too. At the surgery Little Prince saw the Practice Nurse, and she confirmed a bad ear infection and prescribed antibiotics and painkillers. Princess Lollipop had to see the Doctor due to her still being 1yrs and the Doctor said she seemed ok, with very slight reddening of her ears so she wasn't prescribed anything. Although the Doctor did recommend visiting the Pharmacy and getting her some suitable painkiller and keeping her dosed up round the clock. We have to take her back on Monday or Tuesday if she is feeling worse.
Mr Messy then dropped me and the littlies off at home while he went out, first for a meeting with our Accountant and then to pick Drama Teen up. I think me and the littlies will be getting a snack (if I can get them to eat anything at all) and then we will all be going to bed. No New Years celebrations for us this year!


Anonymous said...

:( My poor boy :( Give him a HUUUGE hug from me, and to my poor baby sister too :( Though I admit the "up mummy knee mowow" did make me giggle lol I hope the medicine makes them feel better soon. I remember how much ear infections suck :( LMS xooxxoxo

Anonymous said...

Awww poor things, give them both big hugs from us and especially for little prince from tiny baby!!

I know the pic you mean and for once even I like the photo!!

Baby Sis

Anonymous said...

Hope you all feel better soon. Neal and Amanda went to pick Samantha up from her friends and saw mum going in the park with little prince so we knew you were here. However we were going to see other grandma so don't worry the kids knew they'd seen you before Christmas.

You are right about the photos they're great.

Love little sis


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