Saturday, 11 December 2010

Catch Up Time

Well Little Prince being back at school didn't last long, we got a call on Tuesday morning to say that school would be closing at lunchtime and could we collect him from school! No idea why as the majority of the teachers and pupils live locally so can make it into school, the reason given was "Health and Safety"!! So once again Little Prince was at home causing chaos!! We've now found out that he's knocked down some of the new guttering we had replaced not long ago, by throwing things at the icicles up there!! Not only did he knock it down but he's jumped on it and completely trashed it too. And he's knocked out and smashed the low lying drain pipes for the washing machine and shower too!! We've been in touch with the builder who is hoping to get over to us to see what he can do!! All this happened in a corner of the garden that I can't see from the huge patio windows in the lounge, so I didn't know what he'd been up to!! And I suppose most small boys have either tried it or wanted to try it - but he's wee'd in the snow in the garden too!! Twice!! The first time because he wanted to see what would happen (and he is now convinced there is acid in wee as it melted the snow!!) and the second time because he needed the toilet very quick and didn't want to run in the house in his wet wellies and coat and get everywhere wet!! Well that was his excuse and he's sticking to it!!

On Wednesday me and Mr Messy went out in the evening to the supermarket - I HAD to get out of the house, and to be quite honest away from the children!! Although we did have to take Princess Lollipop with us, Drama Teen looked after Little Prince for us. It was lovely to get out and about, but absolutely perishingly cold!!

On Thursday I dragged the children to a different supermarket to see if they had the things I needed! Unfortunately they didn't, but I still managed to spend a fortune!! I've now managed to buy my Christmas cards, I just have to get on with writing them and get them in the post!! I was so organised and doing so well before the snow arrived - I had planned for Mr Messy to take Princess Lollipop to OUR shop for a few mornings so I could get the wrapping up and card writing done and then everything would be more or less sorted!! Well now its so cold at OUR shop, we only have one inefficient storage heater for the whole place that it wouldn't be fair to send Princess Lollipop and besides Little Prince has been here most of the last two weeks too, and he doesn't cope with being in OUR shop at all well!! So as per usual, I'm on the very last second with all my Xmas preps!! Urgh!!!

On Friday, Little Prince's school finally re-opened!! I don't know why they bothered for just the one day lol. But at least it gave me a little bit of peace from the manic-ness that he is consumed by at the moment. The dreaded December attack of madness (that doesn't really calm down until well after his birthday in January) has been even harder this year as he's been at home so much!! I got a few bits and bobs done round the house, but not too much as Princess Lollipop must be missing having everyone around and was very clingy all day!

Thank goodness it looks like the snow is starting to thaw a little bit :-) I can actually see through the sheet of ice to the pavement now!! Although it seems slipperier than ever!!! When we went to collect Little Prince from school this afternoon, Princess Lollipop was objecting (loudly!) at having to walk on the snow "No like it no" (No like it snow) every time she was anywhere near it - even though the pavement outside school was completely cleared and gritted!!

Mr Messy dropped Drama Teen and a few friends off at college this morning as the village buses are still not running. And one of the friend's Mums dropped the girls off this afternoon, she didn't want to drive over to our village so dropped Drama Teen at OUR shop. Once she had arrived she and Mr Messy went to the DIY shop to get some supplies he needed to hang some acrylic samples in OUR shop. He's already hung one, but isn't happy with how safe it is and wanted to get some different hooks to hang it on - it does look pretty spectacular though :-) They ate while they were out, so I put a pizza on for me and the littlies. I didn't get any of it!! Both Little Prince and Princess Lollipop at half a pizza each!! Neither of them are tubby in any way, but they can't half pack away the calories!! I had to settle for a snack later lol.


Anonymous said...

They ate a whole pizza?! I'm impressed! I guess BabySis has finally got a proper appetite? :) Thanks for the catchup. LMS xoxoxoxo

Janet said...

Yep a WHOLE pizza between them!! Half each!! So Princess Lollipop has definitely got her appetite back :-) Perhaps she needs all the extra calories to keep her warm - she hates being cold!!


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