Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas Day

We always expect our Christmas Day to start early - with little children its a given really! But we didn't expect it to start at 3am!! Little Prince came to our room with a bad earache, so we snuggled him up in our bed, well he was in Princess Lollipop's cot and she was in our bed - not a lot of room to spare, but we were all warm :-) In the end it was Mr Messy who woke up next, at the more sensible time of 8.30am. We had promised to Facetime with LMS early on our Christmas morning/late on her Christmas Eve, so Mr Messy went downstairs to let her know that we wouldn't be up till later and she could go to bed if she wanted, and we'd chat when she woke up. In the end the littlies didn't stay asleep much longer, so we got Drama Teen to get up and all three children joined us in our bed to open their stockings :-)

Then we went downstairs, as we had two poorly children (Princess Lollipop is coming down with a cold too) we decided to change our usual routine and have breakfast before opening any presents. No one really ate much, but at least they had something healthy inside them before starting on the Christmas choccies! Little Prince managed to stay pretty calm and take turns opening presents, I took some photos but not many as I wanted to enjoy Christmas in real life not from behind a camera lens!

Drama Teen's big present this year was an Amazon Kindle, which she didn't seem too impressed with at first. However, once she and Mr Messy had set it up and she'd got a few books on there she was glued to it! She also got lots of clothes, mostly chosen by herself, as there is no way I'm chancing choosing clothes for a teenage girl!! That would be a recipe for disaster lol.

Little Prince got a Glow Art set (its a special sheet of "paper" and lightpen that you draw in the dark and it glows), a Phineas & Ferb Airzooka - which unfortunately terrifies Princess Lollipop, so he hasn't been able to use it much and lots of DVDs.

Princess Lollipop got a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse playset and a Disney Princess Aquadraw, both of which she loves. Her favourite present seems to be her talking teapot and teacups - she is constantly making everyone a "cuppa teee" and she demands you drink it!!

Mr Messy got a fancy Batman-like belt designed for professional photographers to hold all their gear on a shoot, it will save him having to carry round his big bag of kit, although that will be in the car "just in case." And I got a lovely new handbag, a warm snuggly scarf and some of my favourite choccies too :-)

The rest of the day was spent playing with all the new presents - Little Prince seemed just as interested in Princess Lollipop's toys as he was his own, and they played together pretty nicely. Although I wish all his games didn't involve battles and killing!!

Mr Messy made us a very tasty Christmas meal of roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and veggies. Drama Teen didn't want any of that and made her own meal, but she supervised Princess Lollipop at the table while the rest of us ate. Little Prince whinged a bit about what he was given, but then ate most of it. Princess Lollipop ate hardly anything, but she has been off her food for a few days anyway. We didn't bother with a Christmas cake or Christmas pudding as only I like those, but I had got a box of small Christmas cake slices - the littlies both tried them and didn't like them. All the more for me then :-)

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