Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Mr Messy and Drama Teen went out to buy Mr Messy a couple of smart shirts and a warm, smart jumper in the post Christmas sales. They also just happened to buy Drama Teen some new jeans and a jumper - apparently you can never have too many jeans or jumpers lol. They also visited the Hotel where the wedding they are photographing tomorrow is being held, to scout out the location.

While they were out me and the littlies had a nice, quiet time at home. Well apart from Little Prince is getting a bit stir crazy now and was acting quite silly, but its still very cold out and I don't think he's well enough to go playing outside. The Wii has been a lifesaver in the past few weeks of snow and bitterly cold weather. He had a few turns on his new Epic Mickey game, but got too easily frustrated and kept turning it off in a temper. I keep encouraging him to have a go at the more active games, to try and get rid of some excess energy! Princess Lollipop refused to have a nap and she was just about to settle down when Mr Messy and Drama Teen returned with some chocolate for everyone!

She eventually had her nap too late in the evening and so she was still wide awake at mine and Mr Messy's bedtime. We took her up and it took an hour or so of insisting that she lie down for her to fall asleep! I was exhausted! And due to her cold she didn't sleep particularly well (so neither did I). I was mega exhausted by the time morning came round!


Anonymous said...

Hope they're feeling better and Dad has a good time at the wedding :) At least you're all getting lots of cuppa teas! She takes after her Daddy I see :P LMS xxoxoxoxo

Janet said...

Little Prince is a bit better, he's not needed Calpol for his ears today and hasn't even mentioned they hurt!! Unfortunately Princess Lollipop has turned into a Snot Factory and is very grumpy and out of sorts with it. Its been a looooooong day!!
She only makes the cuppa teeeees, and demands everyone else drinks them - she doesn't drink them herself!! Makes you wonder what she's put in there lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad little bro is feeling better :) Don't like to see (or hear about) my boy being poorly :) Hope that snot central gets sorted soon too!! and LOL at the cuppa teees :) That's just too funny :)


Janet said...

Little Prince is at the running round like a lunatic stage!! Driving us all nutty!!
Princess Lollipop has bunged up eyes now too, so completely crusty face :-( And she's decided she doesn't like her face or nose wiped, so its a battle each time!! And first you have to catch her!!! It would be funny if she didn't feel so yuk :-(


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