Saturday, 18 December 2010

More Blogging

I've not blogged for a little while as I've been so upset over Little Prince's latest antics. The snow melted and we could see the utter devastation he has wreaked in the garden. While I thought he was playing nicely in the snow, instead he has been raiding his Dad's tool shed and destroying everything in his path. He has taken tools out and scattered them all over the garden, which as they've been out in the snow all this time, means they are ruined. He has got tins of paint and smashed them open with a hammer and there is paint spilt all over the york stone patio, his climbing frame and slide. The scariest one of all is he got his Dad's gas powered blow torch and smashed the gas cannister! And to top it all he smashed every window he could reach in the cottage at the bottom of the garden and scattered glass all over the garden too. He has previously been caught messing in the tool shed, and was severely told off and he promised he would never do it again. I am so upset that he HAS done it again and can't believe all the wanton destruction he has caused. He has also found the Christmas tins of chocolates on top of the kitchen cabinets and been climbing up there and stuffing his face! And when he had his friend J round to play they jumped on his bed so hard that they broke one of the slats! All this so soon after the ADHD Nurse told us that he would only be prescribed medication on school days, makes me wonder how on earth we are going to cope as he gets older. He is getting more sneaky with his mischief, whereas before what you saw is what you got, everything was out in the open. I don't like this new development and I'm not sure how much more supervision I can give him, I already treat him like a big toddler and he has to stay close to me, but still he manages to create this chaos around himself :-(

I need to find a way to channel his energy into constructive rather than destructive directions, but constantly dealing with all of this has left me so worn out and depressed that I can't see any way to move forward positively at the moment. I love my little man with all my heart, but he is getting harder and harder to parent and I don't know where I can pull more resources from, I'm already giving everything I have. Hopefully we will get some respite after Christmas, has birthday and Letterbox Contact, so in a few months things will calm down again, and it won't look so bleak.


kn said...

I haven't been reading in awhile because I've been so busy and this is the first I've read. I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this. Sorry for he and you. I don't have a child with ADHD so I'm not of any real help I'm afraid. Are there any other parents in your area dealing with this? We have a young boy who lives next door who is dealing with this and it's very difficult. He's on medication and it helps a great deal. It's almost impossible to have friends when he's not on medication. I can tell when he's off it because he is really extreme and without intending to he's very distructive. He's a sweet boy with a kind heart, so I know he doesn't mean to destroy things.

Have you tried any sports that would get his energy out? Quinn skateboards and I like that because he can do it on his own. We may build him a small ramp in our back yard. That way I can watch him and he can literally skate for hours happily. He always wears helmet and wrist guards. Perhaps something like that which your son could do and really burn off energy.

You'll find something but I'm sorry it's so difficult right now;-(

Janet said...

Hi kn,
Lovely to hear from you :-) And thank you so much for both the sympathy and practical advice. Little Prince can't cope with organised, group activities - he gets too disruptive or refuses to join in because "everyone else is better than me." He has one to one swimming lessons (he was expelled from group lessons!) which he loves but its only once a week and we need to find other things to occupy him! Skateboarding is something we'll have to look into as he might like that. We are also going to "Little Prince Proof" the garden (locks on Dad's tool shed for a start!) and hopefully get a big trampoline out there for him too.

Like your neighbour's son, Little Prince is the sweetest kindest boy, he just has no control over the impulses to do mischief!

I've seen some of your recent posts and hope the developments are continuing as they should, you've been in my thoughts. Let me know how everything goes.

kn said...

Thanks for the kind wishes.

I love trampolines and we may get one next summer. Quinn has sensory issues and they are said to help with that. Along with his sensory issues comes feeling overwhelmed by just normal life. In order to keep him on an even keel we have to keep him really 'busy.' So while others question us on the fact that we can never really leave him alone we know we're handling it right for him. The skateboard helped a lot. I think the trampoline will help to. I'll let you know if we find anything else along those lines.


Anonymous said...

You're doing great Mum, it'll be fine :) You just need to get the work done on the garden, it's ok. I agree, the trampoline will be a biiig help. I'm really sorry to hear what he's been up to, wish I could be there to help :( Just remember it's not always THIS bad, it's just a difficult couple of months for him. It's all going to be alright, hang in there :) Love you all loads *hugs* LMS xoxooxxooxxooxxo

PS. Hoping to call you up tomorrow :) Hows about one of you rings us? That way I can catch Little Bro before he goes to bed, if I'm'll wake me up! :) Looking forward to talking to you all xoxoxoxoox


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