Friday, 7 January 2011

I'm Back :-)

Thank you everyone for your get well wishes :-) It helped to know so many people were thinking of us :-)

Anyway yesterday I finally felt almost normal, a good job as it was Twelfth Night and the Christmas decorations all had to come down! I was shocked at how much it took out of me just taking baubles off the Christmas tree! I was shaking and sweating, so I probably wasn't as better as I thought I was! It took a while, and Little Prince's assistance, but we finally got all the decorations packed away. They are still on the landing though, as I didn't feel up to getting them on the high shelves in the cupboard upstairs! I'll probably get Drama Teen to help me put them in the cupboard later tonight.

Yesterday was also the second day of trying to get Princess Lollipop to manage without a daytime nap! The first time didn't go too well as she woke up after being put to bed in the evening obviously thinking she'd had a nap and was ready to play!! Not fun when its nearly midnight and you're not feeling 100%!! Anyway last night worked a lot better, she was extremely grumpy from teatime onwards, but went to bed at around 8pm and apart from a few grumbles early in the evening she slept. Well she slept till the early hours of the morning and then started crawling all over me and then dozing off again till it was time to wake up.

Mr Messy took Princess Lollipop with him to walk Little Prince to school and while he was out I got the lounge vacuumed and all the furniture back in place now the Christmas tree has gone. It feels a lot nicer to have a my lounge back to normal :-) I've been pottering around sorting laundry, tidying up here and there and chilling with Princess Lollipop. So a productive but fairly quiet day so far, just what the doctor ordered lol. And I'm just about to take Princess Lollipop for a bath and hair condition, I'm determined to keep to a more regular schedule in conditioning her hair (I'm aiming for every other day) so it doesn't get so tangled she cries when its combed through. I'll have to make doubly sure to use loads of Shea Butter on her skin though as such regular baths dry her skin out, but she's too young to be able to cope with conditioning her hair in the sink yet.

Mr Messy has gone down to OUR shop for the first time since we fell ill. He has lots of editing to catch up on, but when he rang just now he said he won't be staying too late as its cold and he still isn't feeling too good. That will work out well as Little Prince starts his swimming lessons again tonight, so I can leave Princess Lollipop with Daddy while I take Little Prince.

Just as I'd finished bathing Princess Lollipop, Mr Messy arrived home. OUR shop was too cold and he had to come back to get warm, he's obviously still not well as he normally doesn't feel the cold at all. I left Princess Lollipop with her Daddy while I took loads of excess Christmas rubbish/recycling to the tip, its the first time I've been out this year!! My car played up a little, probably protesting at being moved after so long too!! By the time I'd filled up with petrol and called at the bank and got home, Princess Lollipop was fast asleep on Mr Messy's knee!! ARGH!!! We'll have to only let her have a very very short nap and wake her up soon, or we won't get her in bed at a reasonable time tonight! And I really enjoyed my childfree evening yesterday!!

Little Prince hasn't had his swimming lesson. His teacher normally rings me to remind me we are starting again after a break, but didn't today. I tried to contact her but couldn't get hold of her. So we drove over to the pool in time for the lesson, just in case it was on, the teacher didn't arrive in time for the lesson, so we presume we start swimming again next week instead! Me and Little Prince arrived home to find Princess Lollipop very unhappy at having been woken up by Daddy, but after half an hour or so of whinging and clinging on my lap, she has cheered up and is playing with her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse toy. She is also demanding "bweta" (breakfast!) so I think I'll be cooking tea for the littlies soon!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better :) But the one bad thing about the new Princess Regime is that it's harder for us to FaceTime you guys :P I love to talk to my bro but I know it seriously winds him up so we have to ring once he's asleep...but now we'll miss sis too :P Ah well, at least you're getting sleep and child free evenings :)


Janet said...

Thank you :-)
Princess Lollipop is still up and raring to go after her power nap!! Not sure what time she'll go to sleep, but there'll be no child free evening tonight lol.


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