Friday, 21 January 2011

Phone Call from School

I've just received a phone call from Little Prince's Teacher at school. After I got over the panic of seeing school's number pop up on the phone, I was THRILLED to hear what she had to say. She had brought Little Prince to the office with her to ring me, so that he could hear what she had to say too. He has struggled for so long, he needs every boost to his confidence he can get, so thank you for that too Teacher. Apparently he has just written FIVE PAGES of LEGIBLE work!! That is the most he has EVER managed :-) Normally if he manages a sentence or two that is considered a success!! This is a HUGE HUGE deal and I can't express how proud I am of my Little Prince :-) Its overwhelming and I'm almost in tears!

Teacher also said that he didn't eat much lunch today, and said he felt sick :-( She asked if we could send in some snacks for him next week, so that if he gets hungry he has something to eat. I'll send him with some fruit and I'm sure Teacher will encourage him to eat if he needs to. I've been researching his medication and some children regain their appetite once their bodies have got used to the medicine, and others don't - so we'll just have to keep a close eye on him and see how he gets on. Teacher also told me that he has still been fidgety, but nothing like he normally is! This is amazing progress and I can't believe that is only his second day of taking the medicine! And because its had such a dramatic affect and so immediately it proves that Little Prince has got ADHD, as if it was anything else making him so energetic and impulsive the medication would not have an effect! I feel vindicated :-) And I can't resist an "Up yours!!" to the school gate mafia mums!!! Naughty but satisfying :-)


Anonymous said...

I agree about the school gate mums :P Mwahahahaha!!

I am SO unbelievably proud of him! So is D, he's SOOOO happy, and was just excitedly telling his sis and her new friend, they're pleased for him too :)



Janet said...

Hehehe aren't we bad LMS :-) But isn't it SOOOO satisfying :-)

Tell D, his sister and her new friend thank you :-)

I've shown Little Prince all the comments on FB and he is GLOWING :-) He told me that he really thinks he deserves his present (big bag of sweets) because he did so well :-) And its FAB him feeling like that about himself too :-)

cabbage queen said...

Give him a hug from me too and tell his his "cabbage auntie" is soooooooo proud of him!!!!!

Anonymous said...

He certainly does deserve his present!! (speaking of which, has his parcel arrived yet? REALLY hope this one arrives in time!!)

I'm practically glowing with pride for him, so of course he is too! This is SUCH a big step for him, and I think you needed this too, to reassure you that you've made the right decision :)

And what did I tell you? - It'll give him the concentration to work on his writing! And I was right! :P


Janet said...

Hi Cabbage Queen,
I've just told him and he says "thank you and that he remembers whooping and hollering at your house."
Love and cabbage hugs

Janet said...

I know what you mean I'm glowing and can't stop grinning either :-) And yes it is fantastically reassuring and proves I've made the right decision PHEW!!
And is that a "ner ner I told you so" I detect lol??

Anonymous said...

Maaaaybe :P


Janet said...

lol LMS


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