Tuesday, 25 January 2011


After her mega late night last night, Princess Lollipop didn't wake up until almost lunchtime!!! And even though it was lunchtime she had to start the day with her "bweta" (breakfast) which she now manages to eat all by herself - her dexterity using a spoon (or fork) is better than Little Prince's is now!! Although while his medication is working he is managing to improve his fine motor skills tremendously :-)

Mr Messy came home in time to collect Princess Lollipop and take her with him to get Little Prince from school. He came home with both Little Prince and his friend Y, who was coming to play. This is becoming a very busy week!! The boys played in Little Prince's room for a while before coming downstairs and playing on the Wii together. Unfortunately one of the controllers wasn't working properly, so they couldn't play two players. I was very proud of how they took turns and helped each other out on the various games :-)

After they had eaten their tea, they went back on the Wii and weren't quite so co-operative with each other! Little Prince kept trying to take over when it was Y's turn and got very impatient and shouty when Y wasn't winning on his turn! Just as Y's Mum arrived to pick Y up, Little Prince was in full shouting, screaming melt down mode - he was accusing Drama Teen of stealing his metal detector and hiding it! I sent Little Prince to the lounge while me and Y's Mum chatted in the hall, and after she'd gone dealt with the melt down!

Little Prince is now in the kitchen making himself a snack, its great to see his appetite is returning :-) And he has just come in and asked if he could have "One of those relaxing drinks. Oliver-time" Any guesses lol???


Anonymous said...

Ovaltine..? I think that's what it's called? The hot drink that used to have the "How do you sleep at night?!" adverts..?


Janet said...

And the prize goes to LMS :-) Yes it was Ovaltine!! But I think I prefer Oliver-time lol

Anonymous said...

*bows* Thank you! Thank you! :P



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