Sunday, 27 March 2011

Potty Training (again!)

Princess Lollipop is desperately keen to use her potty, so each evening at bedtime we've been letting her have some "bare bum time." Today she was playing "Ready steady go" (ie running up and down the lounge and giggling) with Little Prince during "bare bum time" when she suddenly stopped running and went to sit on her potty, and she managed to wee in it :-) Instead of being scared this time she was thrilled with herself and wanted everyone to clap and tell her she was a big girl - which we did :-) She has spent over an hour with a bare botty and hasn't had any accidents, it looks like potty training is on its way and going well :-)

Well it went downhill from there!! Princess Lollipop had an accident and wet herself, and got hysterically upset about it :-( She seems physically ready for potty training, but emotionally she isn't there yet. I'm leaving it till nearer to Summer and see how she copes then.

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