Thursday, 24 March 2011

Tidying Up

The other day Mrs LMS stayed at home with me, and Princess Lollipop went to OUR shop to be Daddy's assistant. Me and Mrs LMS started a huge sort out of the hall, which had got very messy and cluttered and the hall cupboard was covered in post that hadn't been dealt with. It took us ages but we managed to completely clear the hall cupboard and sort out all the bits of things that get put on the hall bookshelves as people come in the house. It looks so much more inviting now :-) In the evening I emptied out all the drawers containing hats/scarves/gloves and filled a bag with ones that no-one wants to wear anymore - like the 101 Dalmatians cap that Mrs LMS wore to Primary School!! I couldn't believe how many hats/scarves/gloves we had that no-one wears, or how many single gloves we had stuffed away in the drawers!! Now each person has their own drawer full of their hats/scarves/gloves and their is room to see whats in there, rather than everything bulging out when you open the drawers :-)

Next job is to go through the rest of the drawers and sort out all the paperwork that's stuffed in there. I know we have instruction leaflets in there for items we got rid of years ago, and whenever we have to find anything we need it takes hours because of all the redundant papers stuffed in there! I saw a "how to organise your home" TV show ages ago that suggested having a large file, and having a section for each room in the house, and keeping instructions/guarantees for items in each room together, making it so much easier to find! Sounds good and that's the goal I'm working towards! Could take me a while as Princess Lollipop wants to help with anything I do, and she loves ripping paper - so it will have to be done in small chunks while she's asleep!

After that I want to sort through the crowded bookshelves again, there must be books we can get rid of! Especially now Mr Messy and Drama Teen have Kindles to store their books on! And then I want to move onto the cupboard under the stairs, which is another junk store!! Once that's cleared, we should be able to hang our coats in there, instead of having them on the end of the bannister, making the hall look much tidier :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,

Don't forget ebay sell loads of books, so any you don't want you could sell for a little extra money.

Good Luck with the ironing (you're Mad) but I understand why you are doing it.

lil Sis

Janet said...

Hi Lil Sis,
That's not a bad idea, if I can persuade people to get rid of any books I'll look into selling them on Ebay :-)

And I know I'm mad with the ironing, but every little bit helps :-)



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