Monday, 21 March 2011

Yet another catch up post!

The icky sickies I had earlier in the week, were thankfully short lived, and I recovered pretty quickly and I'm now feeling back to normal.

Mrs LMS had an interview and a practical test for two different jobs. Her interview seemed to go very well, and she aced her practical test (using a computer). I've got my fingers and toes crossed that she gets one or both jobs, as she is trying so hard to get something, and it must be so demoralising to keep getting rejection letters. Good luck Mrs LMS.

I spent ages early in the week researching what benefits we might be entitled to, and applying for them. I managed to apply for one online, but another one we have to wait for the application to arrive through the post and fill it in on paper, how quaint! Its going to be tough, but we'll pull together as a family and get through this. To try and boost the family coffers I've also decided to do something that anyone who knows me will think is MADNESS lol!! I'm putting adverts in the local shops offering to do ironing!! Yes IRONING!!! I detest ironing, its the job I love to hate, but if I did manage to get a few customers, then I would be able to fit it in around the family and not have to worry about childcare costs. So fingers crossed...

On Sunday me, Mrs LMS and her friend E, went to a Wedding Fayre. Mrs LMS wants to have a vow renewal ceremony over here in the UK, so she can invite all her family and friends and her friend E has already set her wedding date. I was just going along for fun :-) Oh and we were also scoping out the wedding businesses to see if there were any Mr Messy's photography business could partner with, and check out the photography competition too!! When we got there I chatted to J from the Kids Designer Boutique and spent the whole time chatting to her, while Mrs LMS and E wandered round the various stalls. We had taken Princess Lollipop with us, and she toddled around sampling cakes and cupcakes, she was given a balloon so we fastened that to her wrist and could keep an eye on exactly where she was. She was wearing her gorgeous tutu from J's shop, and got many many compliments on how gorgeous it was - great advertising for J :-) Which was my intention when I dressed her that morning lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh no not ironing!
Remember you have other skills, doing documentation/letter write up for local businesses from home - you did train in secretarial stuff years ago and can still touch type. Might be something someone is willing to pay for.

Baby Bro

Janet said...

lol Baby Bro,
It fits in around the littlies, and is something I can do at home, so ironing is very practical. I thought about secretarial stuff, but everyone has a PC now and I don't think there'd be much call for it, but everyone hates ironing and would hopefully pay to have it taken off their hands :-)


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