Friday, 10 June 2011

Little Prince's Sports Day

Little Prince's school held Sports Day really early this year, normally it isn't until the last week or so of school!! I think its because when they did that last year, the weather didn't co-operate and it was rained off that often it almost didn't happen!

Sports Day Mark 1 - me, Drama Teen and Princess Lollipop arrived a few minutes before it was due to start and managed to grab a couple of the last available chairs. However just as the Head started to announce the start of the races, the heavens opened and we all got drenched running to the school hall!! After 10 minutes or so when it became obvious the rain wasn't going to blow over, Sports Day was cancelled until the following afternoon.

Sports Day Mark 2 - Mr Messy was able to join me, Drama Teen and Princess Lollipop this time and he brought along his camera to get photos of Little Prince in his races, so he hung around at the finish line. Me, Drama Teen and Princess Lollipop weren't lucky enough to get seats this time, but Princess Lollipop wasn't at all bothered as we'd brought along her football and she and some of the other toddlers played kicking and throwing it around behind the spectators and out of the way of the races :-) Little Prince was in three races, the obstacle race, the flat race and the anchorman in the relay. The last couple of Sports Days Little Prince, despite being extremely fast, hasn't won many races and has been very disappointed afterwards. This time however, he was rocket powered!! He won his individual races by miles, totally outstripping his fellow runners. And in the relay his team was almost a full lap behind when he took the baton, he managed to claw them back into 2nd position and if they had run a little bit further I'm sure he would have won that too!! I was so very proud of him :-) When he was presented with the shield for best sportsman in his year group, I was overjoyed - Little Prince had been hoping to win a trophy, but was convinced he wasn't good enough to do so :-) Before the presentations his teacher snuck over to let me know that he was among the winners and she was thrilled for him too :-) This is the first Sports Day since Little Prince started on his ADHD medication and I'm wondering if this helped him focus his energy on his races, rather than getting distracted and slowed down by everything going on around him?? Whatever it was he was so pleased with his shield and kept hugging it all night :-) It now has pride of place on one of his bedroom shelves, next to his picture of his Birth Mum, which shows how important he feels it is :-)

On the way home from school Little Prince wanted to know if we could go out for tea to "celebrate my victory" who could resist that :-) We had a lovely celebration tea and even let Little Prince try a Coke float as a treat (he is NEVER allowed Coke!!) so he was in 8 year old boy gastronomic heaven :-)

I managed to upset Drama Teen by being so proud of Little Prince, she and Mrs LMS were never very sporty and didn't really enjoy Sports Day at all. I'm really sorry Drama Teen, I didn't mean to make you feel bad, you did your best when it was your turn and we celebrated your victory, even though it wasn't a first place sort of victory. Your (and Mrs LMS) victory was to keep trying and doing your best, even though you hated the whole thing and hated knowing you were going to lose. And I stood on the sidelines and shouted and cheered you just as loudly as I do for Little Prince, knowing exactly how you were feeling as I never won anything at Sports Day either, and usually came a distant last. You all have different talents and accomplishments and we celebrate them all with all of you :-)

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