Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday Madness

Mr Messy went out before we all got up, to go to a photographic day, looking at different techniques and honing his, already considerable artistic talents. I was the next one up, with the two littlies of course! We had a snacky, very unhealthy breakfast, but we all enjoyed it :-) When the big girls got up I got them to look after Little Prince while I dealt with Princess Lollipop's hair in the bath. Drama Teen also went over to the village shop to pick up some cordial, as we'd run out and no-one had bothered writing it on the shopping list, so I didn't pick any up at the supermarket! Princess Lollipop is getting a lot better at sitting still while I brush through her conditioner soaked hair, but she always starts getting upset when we reach the last bit, and today was no different :-( I hate that she gets so upset and it upsets me to be hurting her like this, but it is a lot better than it used to be now we are finally using a product that suits her hair and are in a bit more of a routine with it.

After her bath, it was time for an early nap, so that (fingers crossed!!) she would be in a good mood for her catwalk modelling in the afternoon. It took her ages to settle down, so in the end we had to wake her up, which never goes down well!! And by the time we were all ready to go out (well except Drama Teen who wanted to stay at home) it was throwing it down. The catwalk was supposed to be outside, as part of the nearby town's "Street Party" but due to the weather it was moved into the local hall. Despite the weather, the streets were mostly closed and we had to park quite a distance from the hall. Mrs LMS took Little Prince over to OUR shop to pick up one or two things, the most important of which was a camera to photograph our little modelling superstar :-)

Due to the change in venue there were quite a few "schedule clashes" and it took ages for J the Designer Children's Boutique Owner to sort out a few minutes for the children to rehearse. The rehearsals went as well as possible, despite the choreographer running late and not being there and there not being any music!! Then it was time to get the children changed and ready for their first "set." The local paper's photographer asked if he could get a shot of Princess Lollipop and her catwalk partner (the youngest pair in the show) for the paper and Princess Lollipop totally hammed it up for the camera!! She had a grin from ear to ear and both thumbs up - she certainly showed character lol. Then we all had to squeeze back into the tiny changing room, which now had the adult models in there too, and was chaotic, noisy and very hot!! Considering she'd been cooped up in the tiny changing room, Princess Lollipop performed very well on the catwalk, although Mrs LMS who was stood at the front said Princess Lollipop was avoiding looking at the audience at all. When it was time for the second set, Princess Lollipop was much less co-ooperative, she refused to hold her catwalk partners hand and had to be placed on the catwalk half way down the runway, after I'd given her a hug. Afterwards we stayed in the hall while everyone else got changed, so that Princess Lollipop didn't get even more stressed by having to be squashed up in there again. Once the adult models had finished their sets, Princess Lollipop decided it was her turn again, and ran off up the steps to the catwalk and performed her set again perfectly!! She did this quite a few times and was having a whale of a time, she even carried on performing as the catwalk was dismantled around her, and was not happy at all when the last part was taken away and she had no stage to shine on!! She kept telling me afterwards "People clap me" and sounding VERY pleased with herself - I think we could be creating a Stage Diva :-)

J bought us all a drink and cake and we hung around to chat for a while. Little Prince and J's younger son took the opportunity to try to outdo each other with cartwheels, jumps and flips in the large space left vacant by the removal of the catwalk. I didn't know Little Prince could do a perfect one handed cartwheel!! Or walk on his hands!! Or quite a few of the other moves he performed!! I'm now trying to find a suitable gymnastics club that he would be able to attend! Apart from his one to one swimming lessons he doesn't do any other activity or belong to any clubs, as he hasn't been able to cope with any so far. But he seemed to be showing such natural talent and ability that gymnastics might be a good one to try, and be something that could direct his boundless energy and might be something he'd enjoy and stick at. We'll see....

On the way home I called in at the village shop and bought some stuff (well junk food really) so that we could have an indoor picnic and watch a film. Everyone seemed to think this was a good idea, and the big girls made sandwiches, while me and Little Prince chose what film to watch. We settled on The Incredibles, which I wasn't sure Princess Lollipop would like, but she did :-) When it had finished she said "My LIKE it dat one" while pointing at the screen. So perhaps she is more of an action film girl, than a princess film girl :-) Mr Messy came home part way through the film and watched it with us too. Little Prince and Mrs LMS watched quite a bit of the film, but then took a break to go and chat to Mr LMS on Facetime. Little Prince wanted to tell him about his success at Sports Day last week, although Mrs LMS said they ended up talking more about Star Wars instead lol.

Little Prince wanted to watch another film, but we didn't have time before he would have to get ready for bed, so he sat and worked on his Word Search puzzles instead. He is managing to stay a lot more focused and able to concentrate and is really enjoying both word searches and simple Sudoku puzzles :-) After he was tucked up in bed and Princess Lollipop was settled with her Daddy and sisters, I went off to tackle some ironing and get some more sorting out done. Its much harder to get the sorting out done on my own and I'm struggling to find the time to fit it in, so its going a lot slower than I want, but it is getting done and I'm being a lot firmer (Drama Teen says bossy lol) about people picking up after themselves and not leaving things lying around. It makes a huge difference, especially with there being six of us in the house!! If each of us leaves a couple of things lying around each day it doesn't take long for a big mess to build up!!

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