Saturday, 30 July 2011


This morning I had to try to persuade Princess Lollipop to have a bath, to make sure all the chlorine was out of her hair and off her skin. She was NOT happy about another bath, probably because of my stupidly childish behaviour last time, I'm thoroughly ashamed of myself for losing my temper and getting so wound up about the bath-time screaming, which hopefully means I won't do it again! Anyway once I'd persuaded her to actually get in the bath, she was fine, even when I was brushing through her conditioner slathered hair. Right up until the very last bits, and then she had obviously had enough and started to get upset and wriggly, but I stayed calm and finished her hair and she didn't get too worked up.

Princess Lollipop has decided she likes wearing her "special Princess nappies" (thank you for the suggestion Whatshername's Mum) which are actually potty training pull ups (the picture disappears if you wee in them). And she has worn the same ones with no accidents ALL DAY!!! I am so proud of her :-) She has really done well and seems to have got the hang of potty training almost instantly :-) I think after the nightmare I had with Little Prince (he still has bladder problems, so it was never ever going to be easy) I deserved an easy one to potty train - but I never imagined one quite this easy!!! We'll carry on with the "special Princess nappies" for the next week and see how she manages and then I'll have to buy her Princess knickers and see how she copes with them too. Wish me luck...

And another potty breakthrough - Little Prince is finally managing to stay dry overnight :-) He is OVERJOYED with himself :-) He says he has been dry for quite a few nights, but hasn't told me, I'm not sure if he thinks it was a fluke and he'll jinx it by saying something or what?! But I am so proud of him too :-) He has HATED, utterly H-A-T-E-D having to wear pull ups to bed, and feels he is somehow doing something wrong, or is stupid because he can't manage without them. This is despite constant reassurances both from me and from our GP and from his hospital Paediatrician, that it is NOT something he is doing or not doing, it is just his body has been slower to mature than average in this regard. Little Prince can't quite believe that it is really true, so he is choosing to wear pull ups over his underpants to bed, but as he has more and more dry nights I'm sure he'll stop needing the reassurance of doing that. This is a HUGE breakthrough for him, and such an enormous boost to his confidence and self esteem :-)

I was already planning to take Little Prince and Mrs LMS to the cinema to see Cars 2 today, and due to Little Prince's night time success we decided to treat the trip as a celebration. The film was awesome, it was very much a little boy film and suited Little Prince down to the ground. Although there was enough in there to keep me and Mrs LMS amused and entertained too :-) Once the film had finished I drove us to the American/Italian style restaurant we all like, and we phoned Mr Messy to come and meet us with Drama Teen and Princess Lollipop, so we could have a family celebration meal. We had a lovely time and I hope Little Prince realises how proud and happy we all are for him :-)

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Whatshername's Mummy said...

Glad the princess pull ups work! DD1 has a great variety of princess knicks, when PT she would get to choose the first pair of the day (being coaxed to keep the princess dry), but then I would choose subsequent pairs, funnily I always chose plain ones! A great motivator without conflict!


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