Sunday, 17 July 2011

What we did on Sunday

Mr Messy took Mrs LMS and Little Prince out for their weekly Boy Breakfast this morning, although Little Prince didn't eat as much as he usually does, as he said he had a bad tummy ache. He recovered pretty quickly and has been eating like a horse for the rest of the day. After they had finished their breakfast, they dropped Mrs LMS off at OUR shop, as she had to do some more editing of the charity book she has been working on for its author. She thought she had finished but the author has come up with lots of major changes and so she spent this morning sorting the changes out again.

Mr Messy came home to give Mrs LMS some peace and quiet while she edited and went to pick her up when she rang up later. Princess Lollipop was grumpy again today, and Little Prince was even more hyped up than he was yesterday so it was absolute chaos with them both!! To start my campaign to get Princess Lollipop back into a sensible bedtime and bedtime routine, I decided to not let her have a nap today - which didn't help the chaotic situation! Oh well, it has to get better tomorrow, fingers firmly crossed!!

Mr Messy and Mrs LMS went shopping for some nice tissue paper to wrap up the Wedding Album that Mr Messy had to deliver later today. I found we were running out of a few bits and bobs so sent them to the supermarket too. When they came back I enlisted Mrs LMS's help to get Princess Lollipop bathed and deal with her hair, with the morale support it didn't take too long and there weren't too many tears. When she got out of the bath, Princess Lollipop demanded that her Daddy came and gave her a hug, and he just had time for that before he had to dash out again to deliver the Wedding Album.

Little Prince wasn't happy that I wouldn't let him play on his trampoline, or on the PlayStation because he was silly on it this morning. So he was quite grumpy in the afternoon. We had to keep reminding him to use his deep breaths to try and calm down, and when that didn't work he had to go and have some quiet time in his room.

Later in the afternoon I photographed some surplus large garden toys and listed them on Ebay. Ebay has a system where you can donate the money you make to a charity of your choice, and as the charity was the East Africa Drought appeal, I decided to donate any profits to this charity. Its heart wrenching watching the news coverage of this disaster, especially as that is the part of the world that our precious Princess Lollipop comes from. Hopefully I can make a small difference to help.

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25th May 2009 - See New Child again & Court Date

23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

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