Monday, 2 January 2012

Christmas Pressies :-)

What did you get for Christmas?

I got some lovely snuggly warm slippers, do I sound like my grandma or what?!?!

I got a gorgeous hand woven scarf that Mr Messy bought me when he and Drama Teen visited our Exchange Student and her family in Berlin :-) Its made of cashmere and merino wool and is SO warm, I LOVE it :-)

Yes there is a slight theme here lol, I like being warm :-)

I also got some great books, dvds, perfume and spent quality time with my lovely family - the best present of all :-)

Well that and my very own room!! No me and Mr Messy aren't arguing lol, he's given me his old office to turn into a Craft Room :-) WOW my very own craft room :-) I've gone planning crazy and have all sorts of inspiration on Pinterest, just waiting for Mr Messy to clear out his stuff (I'd call it junk but I'm being extra nice to him at the moment lol). I'm so excited :-) I just can't wait to get started and then to get crafting :-) I'll have time to get things done while Little Prince is at school and Princess Lollipop is at Tiny School (and real nursery after Easter eek!!) and I won't have to panic about clearing it all up from the dining room table before they get home either - giving me loads of extra time and less stress :-)

I plan to scrapbook, I loved making Mr and Mrs Messy's Wedding Album, it was so much fun and I'd like to do more. I can also get myself organised and finish the Lifestory book I've started for Little Prince, which I'm doing digitally and then I can get one done for Princess Lollipop too. I want to get back into sewing, I've got tonnes and tonnes of American Girl doll clothes patterns that I never got chance to use before Drama Teen grew out of them. I'd also love to try quilling, its always intrigued me and I've never had chance before. Pinterest has got me interested in trying out decoupage with Mod Podge too, and I'll be giving that a go as soon as my Mod Podge order arrives :-) When Little Prince heard me talking about my new Craft Room he asked if I was going to make him his 100 Good Wishes Quilt - so that (and Princess Lollipop's one) can join my ever growing list of projects :-) I'll finally the room to get all the things I've planned for Princess Lollipop's Pink House made.

And all this will give me a focus and interest that is MINE. And although I'll be primarily making things for the house or the family, it is MY interest - not Janet the wife, not Janet the Mum, it will be just Me - Janet :-) I suffer from depression (I take medication for it, I'm not just saying it) and if left to my own devices without a "plan" I vegetate in front of my computer and do NOTHING, literally nothing. Then I look round at the house and how untidy I've allowed it to become and that depresses me more. The fact that the washing pile is exploding out of the washing baskets depresses me more. The fact I haven't planned what to eat for dinner that night and we end up eating the same old thing depresses me more. The fact that life didn't used to be like this and I used to be more active depresses me more. So this new focus and interest will hopefully help to alleviate that, help to keep me occupied and even exercise my fading brain cells a little :-) And give me chance to re-find that creative, happy person I used to be :-) Which will be good for me and for the whole family :-)

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Anonymous said...

I think the craft room sounds wonderful, and I hope it helps :) But, FYI, we're Mr and Mrs LMS, YOU'RE Mr and Mrs Messy :P



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