Friday, 13 January 2012


I didn't get chance to blog yesterday as I had an early night, so I'm catching up now :-)

Princess Lollipop went to Tiny School and Mr Messy picked her up and took her back to OUR shop for the afternoon, so I had a day off :-) I planned to get on with sewing Little Prince's under bed tent, but I was so tired and muzzy that I couldn't concentrate and decided to leave it for another day. Instead I read a book - Bubble Wrapped Children by Helen Oakwater. Its all about how contact via the internet (usually Facebook) is affecting adopters, adoptive children/adolescents and birth families. As I already know how easy it is to find Little Prince's birth Mum on the internet, and how tech-savvy Little Prince is and how desperate he is to reconnect to his birth family, this is something very close to my heart. After reading a few chapters I got in touch with his Placing Authority to remind them that we want to seriously explore direct contact between Little Prince and his Birth Mum. When we last asked about this Birth Mum had recently split up with her long term partner and moved to a new house, and we were asked to wait 12 months to see how stable Birth Mum would be after all these upheavals. Well that was a year ago, and given the fact that Little Prince has his own computer, boundless curiosity and a very good grasp of how to use search engines etc. Before Christmas he managed to sneakily use my Bank Card and his sister's email address to sign up for a Club Penguin account!! So I don't think it will be long until it occurs to him to sign up for Facebook and search out Birth Family. I would much prefer that contact occur out in the open and within a supported environment and with Social Worker back up. I told the Social Worker I deal with, all of this, and she promised to write to Birth Mum that day to set up a meeting to discuss this with her, and then to get back to me immediately. Unfortunately the SW is moving to another part of the country in about a month, so she will only be able to start the process and won't be around to see it through. This is a huge pity as she is the one who has been supporting Birth Mum each year with Letterbox Contact and has built up a relationship with her, hopefully Birth Mum will be comfortable with another SW taking over this role, and also trust them to guide her through direct contact if it goes ahead. Once again all we can do is wait and see what happens next....

I picked Little Prince up from school and agreed that his friend Y could come over to play and have tea. Y wanted to go home and get changed first, and I had to go and pick Princess Lollipop up from OUR shop, so me and Little Prince went to pick her up and then drove round to Y's house and picked him up too. The boys played on the Wii most of the evening, they didn't eat much of their tea as they were itching to get back to their game and no amount of persuasion could get them to eat some more!! Mr Messy was out on a photoshoot during the evening so he didn't get back until later, he was quite happy that the boys hadn't eaten their pizza as it meant he could finish it off :-)

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3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

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