Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wednesday's Goings On

I thought me and Princess Lollipop were going to have a quiet day in, but I got a text from Drama Teen begging me to come and get her and Latest Boyfriend from college and drop them off at his house. As it was very cold, and they would have had to walk for an hour to get the bus I took pity on them and said I'd collect them, besides she bribed me with the promise of a bar of chocolate - so how could I not?!?! About ten minutes before we were due to go out Princess Lollipop decided she wanted some cereal, and as she has hardly been eating for the past few days (she doesn't seem ill at all, just not interested in eating!) I wanted to take advantage of her willingness and get something down her!! She insisted I fed her rather than do it herself, and as that normally works out quicker I didn't argue. Then my Mum rang up for a chat, so I was balancing the phone on my shoulder trying to get Princess Lollipop to keep eating, she was much too busy demanding to know who was on the phone and when would it be her turn!! It was a pretty quick chat!!

Once Princess Lollipop had finally finished her cereal, and with minutes to go before we needed to leave, I realised that Mr Messy had probably forgotten to take Little Prince's medicine to school when he dropped him off this morning. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I rang him to check, and he hadn't realised he needed to take any, then he started to ask about the packages that arrived in the post this morning. Asking what they were, where they were from - I got more and more impatient with all the questions, I didn't know the answers and I now had NO TIME left to get to college, and had an extra errand to run too!!

I dropped the medication off at school, with Little Prince's new Classroom Assistant, who insisted on having a chat, as I politely tried to get away as quickly as possible!! Then Little Prince appeared wanting to know what I was doing at school, so I had to explain to him too. It seemed to take ages to get out of school again!! Finally back in the car I had to race to College, breaking the speed limit most of the way there, luckily the drive is mostly on country roads that rarely see a Police Car! I made it and was only 5 minutes later than I said I'd be - wow!!

Princess Lollipop was NOT happy when we got to Latest Boyfriend's house and Drama Teen got out of the car, she kept demanding more kisses and hugs and then wrapped her arms around Drama Teen's neck and refused to let go!! Drama Teen has spent a LOT of the Christmas holidays with Latest Boyfriend at his house, and I think Princess Lollipop has missed her. When we did get back home Princess Lollipop was in a foul mood and would ask for something and as soon as I got it/did it she would change her mind - this carried on ALL afternoon!! She did cheer up slightly when it was time to go and collect Little Prince from school.

Unfortunately it was then his turn to be in a foul mood, as non of his friends could come round to play. I said he could ring up one friend and ask if he could come round, and this lightened his mood considerably. He came off the phone saying Y's Mum had just popped out but that he and Y had arranged for Little Prince to go to Y's house to play, they had sensibly said they would get Y's Mum to ring up and confirm these arrangements when she got back from her errand. When she did ring it was to say that Little Prince couldn't come round that evening (Y's Dad was about to go working abroad for a couple of months and they were having a family evening) but that he could come round tomorrow evening. Little Prince took this news very well, I had expected a huge tantrum, I told him how proud I was of how he was coping with the change of plan. Well done Little Prince.

Instead of going to Y's house Little Prince and Princess Lollipop played on his computer, until Princess Lollipop got bored and came to watch Cbeebies instead. Then Little Prince started to watch videos on YouTube and ended up watching silly ones that have scary faces jump out at you. He has been insisting on watching these all over Christmas and scares himself silly with it. So we had a chat about why there is "Children's Internet" and "Grown up Internet" and agreed that he would stay off YouTube and go back to playing on Club Penguin instead. He played on there for about half an hour and came to tell me it was much nicer and he felt a lot better, fingers crossed he remembers this lol.

When Mr Messy came home he was working on something complicated on his computer and needed the littlies to be calm and quiet, which of course meant they were loud and crazy!! It was giving me a banging headache trying to keep them under control, and it was my turn to be in a foul mood!! Mr Messy suggested I had an early night, and he would look after Princess Lollipop for the evening and bring her up when he came to bed. It was just what I needed, time to relax reading a book then fall asleep without fighting an unwilling toddler to sleep too. I hardly read any of my book before falling into a deep sleep, bliss :-) I just wish the wind hadn't been so loud and gusty in the night, it woke me up and was obviously disturbing Mr Messy and Princess Lollipop as they were both very very restless, and trying to get back to sleep in the middle of them wasn't easy!!

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23rd May 2009 - Fly back to Ethiopia

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3rd March 2009 - Dossier Arrived at Orphanage

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