Sunday, 8 July 2012

At least today started well!!!

Well oversleeping and having to rush round like a maniac to get me and Princess Lollipop ready in time to go to Dancing Class, wasn't exactly the best start - but we got there on time and Princess Lollipop enjoyed her lesson.  She was so funny though, she struggled to follow the moves and keeping turning round to wave at me didn't help her either - she grinned through the whole lesson and obviously had a great time.  I think she'll be a ballerina more in the style of her biggest sister than of Darcy Bussell though :-)

After the lesson we went to OUR new shop to pick up Little Prince and bring him home.  Mr Messy was surprised that Drama Teen wasn't with us, as he was under the impression that she was coming over to the shop.  When we got home I woke her up (!!!) and asked her what she was doing today, and she said that once she was ready she wanted me to run her to a local Pub/Restaurant so that she could ask if they had any vacancies and drop off her CV with them.  Then she wanted to go to the Food Fayre in Our new shop's village and then she was off to the Shop to work with her Dad for the afternoon.

The Food Fayre was disappointingly small, but the stalls it did have were lovely :-)  As it was nearly the end of the Fayre, the Littlies were given a free cake-pop each.  Fussy Princess Lollipop when asked which one she wanted, pointed to a big cupcake!!  In the end she was persuaded to chose a cake-pop instead, but had to check out ALL of them before choosing a white and pink cat-like one.  Little Prince ate his in seconds, I'm sure it went in, in one bite!!  Whereas Princess Lollipop carried her carefully in two hands for ages, until we told her she could actually eat it!!  She hadn't realised that lol, however, she took one bite and declared it "not nice" so her helpful Big Brother finished it for her (we do feed him honest).

Next I got myself an ostrich burger, it was soooooo yummy :-)  Little Prince said he didn't want one, which surprised me as he normally loves burgers.  It later transpired that he did want one, but as they only had one on the grill he thought that was all they had left, and that he'd be "pinching" mine!  He was very upset when I explained that they would have cooked another one for him, especially as by then he had insisted on buying some fudge, and I said he'd had his turn and wasn't having anything more!

All Princess Lollipop wanted was an ice cream, so we dutifully went over and bought her a cone.  Rather than take her and her dripping ice cream to the Shop we sat on a nearby bench while she ate it up, and Drama Teen devoured her butterfly bun.  We hadn't been there long when it started spitting, so as soon as everyone was finished we dashed over to the new shop.  Mr Messy was in the middle of a test shoot in his new Boudoir Studio, so I left Drama Teen there and took the Littlies home.

During the (less than 10 minute) drive the weather changed completely and we were drenched in a torrential thunderstorm!  Huge puddles covered the road and it was still lashing it down when we parked outside our house.  We waited in the car for it to die down, but after waiting for ages it became obvious that the rain was going nowhere, so we made a dash for the house.  In the few seconds we were outside we were all completely drenched!!  Crazy weather!!

The treats at the Food Fayre had only whetted the Littlies appetites, so I made them an indoor picnic, while they sorted out a picnic blanket on the living room floor.  I also told them to choose a Disney film they both agreed on to watch - they choose Wall-e, good choice :-)  I thought it was a great choice, but the Littlies obviously didn't, as soon as they'd finished their picnic they started running around and playing wildly!!  They didn't even notice when the DVD was turned off!!  Despite all my efforts they just got wilder and wilder, and by tea time I was tearing my hair out!!

Princess Lollipop refused to eat her tea, and was misbehaving so much that Mr Messy took her to bed.  After wailing and shouting for ages, she finally fell fast asleep.  And once Little Prince was safely tucked up, peace returned, phew!!  I spent the evening on my computer while Mr Messy watched the Wimbledon doubles finals, I can't see the attraction in tennis at all!!  After thinking about the way the day descended into chaos, I've decided that I've got to stop trying not to give Little Prince his medication if we are going to be stuck inside, and the way the weather was, there was no way we were going out or playing in the garden!!  He is given his medicine for a reason, and one of those reasons is the affect his behaviour has on the rest of the family, so I'm going to try harder to be more sensible about when he does and doesn't take it.  I'm not Superwoman, and I doubt even she could keep up with Little Prince lol.


Cabbage Queen said...

Oooooohhh!!! Rain!!!! Can you send some our way? We haven't had any in ages and everything is turning brown!!!

Janet said...

Hi Cabbage Queen :-)
You can definitely have some of our rain! We are getting so much of it over here - a months rainfall in a day!! There's flooding in some parts of the country (luckily not here) and the Summer has been a complete wash out so far :-( The Littlies break up for the Summer Holidays in a couple of weeks, and I've got my fingers crossed it brightens up in the hols!!
Love to you all


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