Monday, 23 July 2012

Weekend Away

On Saturday morning I took Princess Lollipop to her Dancing Class, only to find that it wasn't on!!  Princess Lollipop was over the moon, as she's decided Dancing Class is boring and wants to quit, she spent the drive back home singing "No Dancing Class YEAH!"

Once back at home I got everything together for mine and Little Prince's weekend away at Grandma and Grandad's house.  This weekend is to celebrate Little Prince's recent achievements - like his fantastic report and new swimming badge.  Apart from getting stuck in traffic a couple of times, it was a lovely drive, with Little Prince  either playing happily on his iPod Touch or chatting to me.  Its definitely easier to travel with just one of the Littlies at a time!!

Once we arrived at Grandma and Grandad's house we had some lunch and set off on our first adventure.  We caught a bus, then a train and then a tram and visited a large Museum.  We spent the whole of the afternoon at the Museum, exploring both the exhibits and the interactive area.  Little Prince investigated things at break neck speed, jumping from one thing to another in seconds, but despite this he took things in and enjoyed himself immensely.

The journey home was punctuated by late trains and a broken down bus, but that just seemed to add to Little Prince's enjoyment of his adventure :-)  After tea I tried to get him to write in his "Summertime Fun" Diary, but he was too excited to write much and refused to write more than a few words, he did enjoy sticking in all his various tickets from the day as souvenirs though.  His present from the Museum was a pair of magnets, so we spent ages playing with them - finding what was magnetic and what wasn't, making paperclip sculptures with the magnets in the middle etc.

At bedtime I gave Little Prince his new Club Penguin pyjamas (a birthday present I had mislaid when it was his birthday!!) and he was overjoyed with them, telling me that I'm an awesome Mum :-)  Despite insisting that he wanted to sleep in the double spare room with me, he fell fast asleep in the single room and slept soundly the whole night.  Me and Mum stayed up late chatting and catching up with all the family gossip, it was a lovely way to end a lovely day :-)

The next morning I woke up in my old bedroom, and I spent a while looking out the window at the view that is so familiar and hasn't changed much from my childhood. We were spoilt with a cooked breakfast, cooked to our exact specifications - Cafe Grandma is THE best :-)  It was lovely to be back in my old home and being spoilt by my Mummy, although I was missing Mr Messy, Drama Teen and Princess Lollipop too.  Once we were all ready we set off for another trip to a Museum, a small local one this time.  They were running a "spot the picture of the Queen" competition and this captivated Little Prince's attention for ages.  He got upset when we had to post his entry with one "Queen picture" not found, we asked one of the staff to show us where the last one was, and she knew immediately which one we had had trouble with!  Obviously we weren't the only ones to miss that one.  On the walk back to the car, Little Prince got totally spooked by a dog and ran away, luckily he didn't run too far so that me and Grandma could catch him!!  I'm not sure what has set this off, but he has an extreme and uncontrollable reaction to seeing dogs at the moment, we will have to work on helping him to stay calmer when he sees dogs, or he could end up unthinkingly running somewhere dangerous!

After a quick last play at Grandma and Grandad's house, we set off home.  Little Prince said he was very sad to say goodbye and that he would miss Grandma and Grandad a lot.  Not for long though as we are back there again next weekend :-)  At home Princess Lollipop was ecstatic to see me, and spent the whole evening either running round madly with her beloved Brud Brud, or cuddling up with me on the sofa :-)  She insisted it was my turn to take her to bed, and I was surprised that I didn't fall asleep too lol.  I got the finishing touches to our Summertime Fun board done, so its all ready for the morning.

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Cabbage Queen said...

Boo hoooo!!! The last two paragraphs show up as just blank white I'll never know how the rest of your weekend went! :>(


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