Sunday, 5 August 2012

Indoor Play Centre

We are still working with Princess Lollipop on improving her sleeping habits, and using sticker charts to help motivate her.  She has just finished her latest sticker chart, for getting herself to sleep in her own Princess Bed with no cuddling or scratching.  And she chose to got to the Indoor Play Centre for her reward, which is what she normally chooses lol.

We set off just before lunchtime, as Little Prince had spent the morning playing out and I'd been conditioning Princess Lollipop's hair in the bath.  As an extra treat we had lunch at the Littlies favourite Fast Food Place, before driving round to the Indoor Play Centre.  It also meant that they wouldn't be pestering for the expensive food and snacks at the Indoor Play Centre too :-)

Princess Lollipop had a fantastic time playing and made a friend to run round with, I'm not sure he knew quite how to deal with her though as she was extremely bossy with him lol.  Little Prince on the other hand played for about ten minutes and then decided he was bored, and sat sulking at the table with me.  I couldn't persuade him that it would be more fun to play than to sit with Mummy and whinge, and he started to lose his temper.  After he had kicked over both a ride in car and a chair, I got cross back with him.  I told him I was reading my Kindle and if he wanted to stay with me that was fine, but I wasn't chatting with him and he had to BEHAVE!  He stopped whinging quite as much, but started to make loud theatrical sighs instead lol.

All of a sudden we heard Princess Lollipop shouting for help, and he ran off to assist, even in a foul mood he just has to help his baby sister :-)  This seemed to snap him out of his mood, and he started to play and even admitted it was more fun than sitting sulking lol.  We finally left when it was obvious that Princess Lollipop was too tired to play nicely, I had been dreading leaving as our next job was to do the Supermarket shopping WITH the Littlies argh!!

I told them before we went in that we would be MUCH quicker if I didn't have to deal with constant "Can I haves?"  Princess Lollipop also agreed that she would be a good girl and stay holding onto the shopping trolley, so that she didn't have to sit in the seat.  She is getting much better at this and I have to keep an eye on and supervise Little Prince more than her!  I'd like to think that my talk about "No can I haves?" worked, but to be honest I think the Littlies were just a bit too tired to fuss lol.  Whatever it was we managed to whizz round the Supermarket pretty quickly and with minimal fuss :-)  I still think I'm going to try and be more organised and do the shopping online for the rest of the hols though!

When we got home Little Prince disappeared for ages to the loo and Princess Lollipop just wouldn't co-operate, so I ended up putting all the shopping away myself.  I was hot, tired and fed up and got grumpy with them, for which I apologised immediately and felt awful :-(

Mr Messy had been away all day on the other side of the country at a photoshoot, he arrived home after Princess Lollipop was in bed, but was in time to see Little Prince.  We watched some Olympics together, including seeing British Somali Mo Farah win the 10,000m race :-)  I loved the scenes of him celebrating with his wife and daughter after the race, what a lovely family :-)

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