Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Urgh yet another catch up post!!

I really want to get back into the habit of blogging a little each day, and I keep intending to!  Then I think "urgh" I'll have to catch up first and it keeps putting me off!!  But it can't be put off any longer, so here goes!!

The last half of the Summer Hols were a bit of a poorly blur, for both me and Princess Lollipop :-(  And due to a weirdo hanging round the local villages, Little Prince wasn't able to play out unsupervised, and I was in no fit state to supervise him, so he didn't have the best time :-(  I feel really guilty, as he was having the kind of Summer I remember from my childhood - full of sunny days playing with friends.  It wasn't a total loss as some good friends invited Little Prince round to play at their houses, and I managed to have some friends over here without tiring myself out completely.

At the end of the holidays we visited a Children's Activity Museum, where they have a scheme to help families with special needs children have an easier time.   We were allocated a "helper" who planned where to go in the Museum and accompanied us around and helped Little Prince interact with the exhibits.  He had a great time, the "helper" was so good with him, and was full of energy to keep going :-)  Princess Lollipop didn't have such a great time as she was starting with an ear infection, she had seemed fine with Calpol at first, but deteriorated throughout our time at the Museum.  By the end of our visit it was obvious she was quite ill, and very unhappy.  As it was weekend we had to visit the Out of Hours GP Service at our local hospital.  The Doctor was great, he quickly diagnosed Princess Lollipop's ear infection and that her pneumonia hadn't cleared up completely and prescribed her some much needed antibiotics.

Little Prince apprehensively started back at school, with his new teacher.  He was boosted by a lovely good luck message from his old teacher, and the fact that his Teaching Assistant has stayed the same.  He has been subdued and quiet at school, and either very quiet or very grumpy in the evenings at home.  Despite the fact that he likes his new teacher and reports that she is "nice and kind" I think he is struggling with the change, and will take some time to settle down.

Princess Lollipop had an extra week off school to recover and build her back up a little, she was NOT a happy little girl that her big brother was back at school and she wasn't.  She was overjoyed when she finally returned and could see her teacher and friends, she had missed them all.  She settled straight back in as though she had never left, apart from complaints that her "older nursery" friends were now in "Ception" and she wanted to be there too.  She tried standing on the sofa with her hands reaching over her head to demonstrate that she was "big nuff for 'ception" she hasn't managed to convince either me or her teacher yet!!

LMS has returned from her Camp Summer in America, very tanned, very bouncy and full of ideas and energy :-)  She started applying for jobs before she even landed back here, and had an interview only a couple of days after she landed!!  She is looking for jobs working as a live-in House Parent at a Private School, which is more or less doing what she did at Camp all summer, but with a nice room and more pay!!

Despite me being in denial ALL Summer Drama Teen has actually left home for University :-(  And is already a "real" student as she's missed her first few lectures as she didn't know they'd stated already!!  Only Drama Teen could manage this!!!  She's only been gone a day and I'm missing her like mad :-(  Yesterday I was explaining that I couldn't bear to even look in her room when Mr Messy laughed saying "She's only at University, she's not dead!!"  Although he is right, I don't think he understands quite how I'm feeling right now :-(

I am loving having my afternoons back to myself :-)  Although I need to stop wasting so much time on Pinterest, and actually USE my time!!  I need to sort the house out after neglecting it while I was ill, and I have so many craft projects I'm dying to start on.  So no more messing on the internet until I've actually achieved something round here first :-)

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