Tuesday, 20 November 2012


That's not "Off Topic" its "Occupational Therapist"  Ever since Little Prince's Statement Review Meeting I've been trying to get him a referral to see an OT, so that we can get professional advice on what sort of sensory equipment would be beneficial to him.

He was seen by an OT under his previous Paediatrician, and we have a letter from them saying "Ring us if you need to be seen at any time up to your 19th birthday."  Being a trusting soul, I rang them.  Two weeks later, after various phone calls and being told that the person I am speaking to has to check with someone else, who invariably doesn't work that day or is off sick or on holiday, I have been told we are out of area so can't be seen!  I argued this and was told, well you have moved since you were sent that letter - NO WE HAVE NOT!!  I pointed this out to them, and that the letter was sent to our (current and exactly the same as then!) address, so they knew when they sent it where we lived, and it can be the only address on Little Prince's notes.  The person I spoke to is now going to check with her Manager tomorrow (what a surprise she isn't in today!!) and will get in touch again after she's spoken to her!!

Our GP Practice said it would be better for Little Prince's current Paediatrician to refer him to an OT, as the Practice haven't dealt with Little Prince's special needs for a long time.

I have been ringing the Specialist Nurse on his current Paediatrician's team for over three weeks.  I've left countless messages on the answer machine and I'm still waiting to hear back from her.  We have a routine appointment with the Dept on Friday, so hopefully I'll be able to find out if they can refer Little Prince to an OT then.  But that's now 3 weeks wasted, and 3 weeks longer to wait to even find out if they can refer him.  If they can refer him, great but we will have to wait an additional 3 weeks on top of the current waiting time to get an appointment!!  If they can't refer us, then its 3 weeks wasted while I could have been trying to find out another avenue to get Little Prince referred!!!

Urgh!!  Just URGH!!!

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