Monday, 10 December 2012

Visit to the Grotto

I had rung the Garden Centre where we had visited a Grotto last year, earlier in the week.  I talked to them about Little Prince's difficulties and asked if they could recommend a quiet time to visit, their answer was to try and get there as soon after opening time as possible.

So on Sunday we set off nice and early, amazingly we got there in time to be first in the queue!  I had told Little Prince where we were going, as he doesn't deal well with last minute surprises, but we had agreed to keep it a secret from Princess Lollipop.  Little Prince did very well at keeping the secret with me, I was very proud of him :-)  He was obviously dying to say something and almost did a number of times on the drive, but he managed to stop himself in time.

So we are stood there at the front of the Grotto queue, paid and ready to go and she STILL didn't know what we were doing there!  Then we saw HIM approaching, and her mouth fell open and she was almost shaking with excitement, just to wave at Father Christmas :-)  When the lady helping her put her name badge on told her she could go in and actually talk to Father Christmas, she got even more excited and started jumping up and down squeaking :-)

Both children walked confidently into the Grotto and Little Prince said his little sister could talk to the Big Man first, what a sweetie.  She sat right down on the sofa next to Father Christmas and answered all his questions, he was slightly surprised that she asked for a Lightsabre and a motorbike for Christmas, but as I explained she isn't a very girlie girl!  Little Prince happily sat next to Father Christmas, although he wasn't very comfortable looking at him, and told him he would like some more Star Wars Lego.  Father Christmas spent ages chatting to them, and then let them both chose a gift from the Grotto. The gift choosing took quite a while before both children were happy with their choices.  Princess Lollipop told the "elf" she "Def-a-nee, DEF-A-NEE" didn't want a dolly, she's consistent in her disdain for dolls!!

After our visit to the Grotto we had to come back down to earth, and visit the Supermarket for some essentials we were missing.  And then to the DIY Shop to get some wood I need for some of my Christmas present crafting.  Then it was off home to play with the new toys, that Father Christmas had given them early for being so good :-)

All in all it was a lovely day with some touchingly magical moments - Christmas excitement through the eyes of a three year old is full of wonder :-)

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Snow Leopard said...

Hi Janet,
my husband and I are thinking of adopting from ethiopia and would love to pick your brain!
my email address is
I'd love to get in touch

Emma Beal x


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