Friday, 14 February 2014

My New Job

I've started work as a part time nanny for two youngsters in the next village. I was very nervous before I started, but I've done my first week and both me and the youngsters survived, so I can't be doing too bad :-)

There has been a huge upheaval in the youngsters family, and they (especially the older girl) have been over indulged and there hasn't been a lot of consistent discipline, unfortunately she is now quite a demanding little girl, who definitely doesn't like the reintroduction of discipline! She spends quite a lot of the time telling me she doesn't like me, which I just ignore, she'll get used to it and be a nicer person for it too (fingers crossed lol). The younger boy is only a toddler and doesn't really understand what is happening and why his world has been turned upside down, and as the new person on the scene, it's obviously my fault. But even though I've only been looking after him for such a short time I'm beginning to see a thawing in his attitude, I'm even occasionally allowed to cuddle him already :-) They are both lovely children and I'm sure once we've all got used to each other it will be a lot easier for all of us :-)

Princess Lollipop is finding it very difficult to get used to Mummy not being around constantly, and also the fact that I'm looking after other children. I think she feels all my care should be given to her and she doesn't want to share me with anyone. I've had to give her a lot of reassurance that although the youngsters are nice children and that I do like them, that she is my precious girl and I love her. She has also been a bit rejecting of me preferring to go to Daddy for comfort, which has been pretty hurtful and left me feeling quite tearful. I know why she is doing it, and know that I've just got to keep reassuring her and get used to it when she wants Daddy not me.

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