Friday, 1 May 2009

Progress so Far

This is as far as we've got with the redecorating! Not very far lol. The picture makes me sad, not because we haven't got very far, but because of the significance of the change. Little Prince's room was redecorated specifically for him once we knew that our social workers were working on placing him with us. The bedroom had been baby pink for our lovely Chinese exchange student, and as we were approved to adopt a girl or boy between 18 months and 6 years, we didn't make any changes until we found out if we were being matched with a boy or girl. We were so excited and happy when the social workers told us about Little Prince and linked us with him. However, we were also very cautious, because until after the Matching Panel (a mandatory meeting where the child's and potential parent's files are studied, and the potential parents interviewed) which makes a recommendation as to whether or not to allow the match to proceed. We decided to go for a bright sunny unisex yellow colour, just in case we weren't allowed to proceed and went on to be matched with a girl! I didn't realise it at the time but Little Prince's curtain fabric had small crowns on - totally appropriate for his later pseudonym lol.

Anyway me, Mr Messy, LMS and her then boyfriend worked really hard to get the room ready. LMS and her boyfriend did the majority of the yellow, and I drew and painted the jigsaw border. We had waited 13 months after being approved as potential adopters (and for various reasons for a LOT longer before that to even be approved) to be matched with Little Prince and we were all very excited. Me and Mr Messy were excited about the prospect of having a son, after two daughters, and wondering what if any differences there would be (I've since found out that there are MANY lol). And now we are covering up that exciting and anticapatory time of our lives, and it is slightly sad. But on the other hand it is so exciting to finally be preparing for our New Child, for whom we have also been waiting for a long time.


kristine said...

I totally understand! I've thought of this with Q's room. He will be sharing whether a boy or a girl sibling and his room will not longer be his but theirs. It is a happy thing but a slight bit of nostalgia hangs around the whole thing.

Good luck with the redecorating.

Anonymous said...

HI janet!!!

Sorry its taken me so long to visit. As youcan guess it has been very hectic my end. How are you? Hows Sara and the whole clan?
We are doing well by the grace of God. The twins are very good, and i can see real signs of attachment going on that were missing before. They are real joys and we are falling in love with them more each day.

Great to see you are keeping busy, nestng and preparing!
Oh isnt de-cluterring the BEST feeling in the whole world? Its like a whole load of clutter leaves your head adn you feel free...Yep i love de-cluttering...

I wrote most of my posts in ET but havent had a chance to put them up, i have just been recovering, and getting to grips slowly with home and famly since coming back. Hopefully i will blog soon.

Anyway tc and love to you all.
Roze xx

Janet said...

Hi Kristine,
I think it is the nostalgia and the feeling that I'm painting over a precious time in our lives that is getting to me a little. But all that is mixed up with the excitement and anticipation of a New Child coming to join our family and sleep in that room.
We've not got any more done so far, as we've got so many other things on at the moment!! Hopefully it will all be finished in time lol.

Janet said...

Hi Roze,
Lovely to hear from you :-) Every time I go past Greggs I think of you and Bilo's lol. I can imagine your life has been quite hectic lol. How does it feel to be Mummy to FOUR?? Are you managing to get settled into a routine with the twins? How are the older two coping with sharing Mummy and Daddy?
Yes de-cluttering is a GREAT feeling :-) I'd forgotten how big the rooms in our house actually are lol. Still got the tip of a garden to tackle (I've totally neglected it for ages and it shows!).
Can't wait to seem some of your posts from Ethiopia on your blog - I keep checking *hint hint*
Baby Sis is fine and said to say hello to you :-)

suzanne said...

I understand the nostalgia but LP has a new room, and you are having a new child into the home.

As for the decorating, most of the hard work is done now:) It will soon be finished in time for your new child to arrive home:)

We kept our study/child's bedroom cream and went for neutral curtains and bedding. Now Ms Wong has finally moved into her own room, we have made it very girly! Lots of pink things and butterflies which she adores!

Janet said...

Hi Suzanne,
I know what you are saying, and I honestly AM excited to be preparing this room for our New Child (finally!!). I can't wait to get the furniture in there and hang all the clothes in the wardrobe :-)
And you are right Little Prince loves his new room, and all the space he has to play in there now :-) Redecorating his old room is also helping him see it as not his room any more too, hopefully heading off some of the jealousy/sibling rivalry there is bound to be!!
Lots of love


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