Saturday, 20 February 2010

Last Couple of Weeks

In the last couple of weeks Princess Lollipop has come on in leaps and bounds! She gained two more teeth at the top, and has six in total now :-) And now they've arrived the constant dribbling has abated!! She has graduated to the big girl, forward facing car seat from the infant carrier type she had been using - it was getting impossible to fasten the straps round her or to carry the carrier once she was in it!!! She LOVES facing forward and chatters and sings while looking out the window. She has also celebrated her first birthday! I cannot believe that she is one ALREADY!!!! I'll do a seperate birthday post :-)

Little Prince has also had a week off school for half term, me and LMS took him to see "The Princess and the Frog." He found the scary bits a bit too scary, and the romatic bits a bit too yukky, but apart from that he seemed to enjoy himself. He got quite wild and hyper on the way home, probably because he'd been too excited to eat before we went out (lesson learnt - don't tell him first thing in the morning he's doing something exciting in the afternoon!!). He refused all offers of stopping somewhere to eat, demanding we visit the toy shop and buy him more toys (he'd only spent his birthday money the weekend before!). So we ended up just coming straight home and eventually persuaded him to eat something and he calmed down a little. I felt quite sad that a normal childhood activity could be so hard and stressful for both me and him :-( I was glad we went to see the film though, and was glad to see that when Princess Lollipop is old enough to notice a Princess who looks like her, she will hopefully identify with the hardworking Tiana :-) And the music was fabulous :-)

We have finally heard from the hospital about Little Prince's appointment with his second specialists. Unfortunately he won't be seen until mid April, but at least we now know when he will be seen and it makes me feel more positive that we have the possibility of help for Little Prince's behaviour on the horizon.

As Princess Lollipop has got more and more mobile and inquisitive we have been finding it difficult to keep her away from Little Prince's toys eg Lego. We can't put the Lego in his room as he isn't able to play there without supervision, so we had to come up with a way to allow him to still have his favourite toy, but to keep Princess Lollipop safe from choking! And thanks to a great idea from my lovely friend Whatshername's Mum, we bought a Baby Dan hexagonal play den (or baby prison as Little Prince called it!). We have used it as a three sided square behind one of the sofas in the lounge, so that it makes an enclosure for Little Prince to retreat to where he can have his Lego and other small toys out without having to worry about his baby sister getting hold of them. It has made the lounge a much more relaxing place, as we no longer have to leap up and grab Princess Lollipop everytime she made a break for freedom over the temporary barrier (upturned baby carrier car seats!)!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Janet

Happy b'day to your little Princess!!! Growing quickly and we still haven't met her, we'll have to make a special trip up to yours later this year, maybe our new one will be around the same age. She is so gorgeous in photos but bet she is even cuter in real life, esp singing away in her car seat. We went to see Princess and the Frog today ourselves (actually went to see Ponyo but had turned up to subtitled showing), was a bit different to what I imagined but XX and I really liked it and daddy enjoyed a good snooze!

Wai Ling

Janet said...

Hi Wai Ling,
Thank you :-)
We'll definitely have to get together, as I'd love to meet you and your little XX too. She looks so gorgeous in the photos, and such a pretty little girl now too!! I can't believe how quickly its gone since she was a littly!!
I had to lol at your hubby snoozing through Princess and the Frog - I can't even get Mr Messy to come to the cinema to see Disney films!! Although he does sometimes watch them when they come on tv, and even enjoys them!!
Lots of love


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